Yes, Saint 14 Is Gay And Dating Osiris- Relationship Timeline

Saint-14 and Osiris are gay and have always been. In addition, they are in a relationship, a Bungie narrative designer, Robert Brookes, confirmed with a Twitter thread.

If you are a fan of the first-person shooter game Destiny 2, you must be familiar with the names Saint 14 and Osiris. Destiny 2 is known as Destiny 2 New Light.

Developed by American video game Company Bungie, the game was released as a pay-to-play game in 2017. Saint 14 and Osiris are the two main Destiny 2 characters.

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There have been years of speculation about Saint-14 and Osiris being gay. So, is Saint-14 gay? In this short article, let’s look deeper at the pair’s bond.

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Is Saint 14 Gay? Is He In Relationship With Osiris?

Saint-14 and Osiris are reportedly gay and are in a loving relationship.

According to Screenrant, Bungie officially confirmed the news about the characters. An American video game Company’s narrative designer informed the Destiny community with a tweet.

Since the game was launched in 2017, there has been ongoing speculation about the Titan and Warlock’s bond.

In a Twitter thread, Bungie narrative designer Robert Brookes revealed that the two characters are and have always been written as gay.

Robert continued he had always thought that the characters must be gay even before he started to work at the Company. Eventually, his guess was proven correct when he joined the Destiny 2 team.

 The narrative designer notes that there has never been a space within the game to verify formally Saint-14 and Osiris’s identities.

He also defined them as characters with private and complex personalities.

In his thread, Brookes explained that he believed subtlety had been “lost in an age of queerbaiting” and that the connection should not be a topic of discussion or conjecture among the fans but rather a stated truth.

While the truth might annoy some of the Destiny 2 Community, it might become a milestone in the queer game community.

Moreover, Destiny 2 is coming to Game Pass. Let’s hope larger audiences will appreciate Saint-14 and Osiris’s bond.

Saint 14 Gay
Saint 14 and Osiris are gay, and Bungie’s narrative designer, with tweets, officially confirms their bond. (Source: Game Rant)

Who Are Saint-14 In Destiny 2?

Saint-14, an Exo, is one of the most well-known Titans in The Last City’s history. He served as the first Titian Vanguard with the Ghost Geppetto and was the Speaker’s right hand.

Following Osiris’ exile and Saint-14’s crusades against the Fallen, Saint-14 vanished on a mission to Mercury to stop Osiris from disturbing/upsetting the Vex.

As for his personality, the Titan is a kind, brave, and honorable Guardian who never refrains from lending a hand to those in need. His fellow Guardians adored him for his talent, kindness, and compassion.

He had once expressed his desire to pass away as he could not help the Mercury survivors during the Dark Age.

Who Is Osiris In Destiny 2?

Legendary Warlock and former Vanguard commander Osiris was exiled from The Last City due to his fascination with the Vex, according to Destinypedia.

To foil the Vex’s intentions for the Solar System, Osiris continued his investigation into the Vex while he was exiled and found the Infinite Forest on Mercury.

Osiris continued to explore the Infinite Forest in search of a way to prevent Saint-14 from dying inside the Vex machine.

The Warlock left Mercury after saving his partner to find allies and learn more about the gloomy future he saw looming over the solar system.

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