Yellowstone: Does Beth Cheat On Rip? Relationship Timeline

Does Beth cheat on Rip? No, she doesn’t cheat on him. Beth went to Walker for comfort after she fought with her dad, John.

The American Drama Yellowstone is one of the most popular series. The neo-western television series first premiered on 20 June 2018 on Paramount Network.

The series has garnered massive success with a captivating story and the cast’s outstanding performances. Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler are the leading characters of Yellowstone.

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The show has evolved a lot since it came out first. However, the bond between Beth and Rip has always remained the same. No matter what, the pair’s bond has always been solid and a series highlight.

At the end of season 4, Beth turns to Walker for help. Her action is bound to confuse the viewers and make them wonder if she is cheating on Rip. So, does Beth cheats on Rip? Here are all the details we know in that regard.

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Does Beth Cheat On Rip In Yellowstone?

In Yellowstone season 4, episode 9, Beth’s Father, John, scolds her. Immediately after that, Rip and Carter leave the scene and go to the bunkhouse.

Does Beth Cheat On Rip
Beth and Rip in Yellowstone. (Source: TV Insider)

On the other hand, John continues to scold Beth for getting Summer locked up in prison and using the activist to achieve her goal of harming Market Equities.

However, Beth insists that she is acting to save the property. While John is disappointed in his daughter, she has no remorse for her conduct.

After such a distressing talk between the Father and daughter, John asks Beth to leave the ranch. Viewers were expecting the female lead to go to Rip to seek solace.

But she arrives at the bunkhouse and talks with Walker. The situation made fans wonder if she is cheating on Rip. We can be assured that Beth is not having an affair.

On top of that, we have witnessed how strong Beth and Rip’s bond is. They often talk about getting married and starting a beautiful family. Soon after, i.e., in episode 10 of season four, Beth and Rip walk down the aisle.

Why Was Beth With Walker?

After having a heartfelt talk at the bunkhouse, Walker and Beth walk over to a barn.

When asked to play a song, Walker performs uplifting music to cheer Beth. But she desires to listen to a sad song to let her emotions loose.

Does Beth Cheat On Rip
Actor Ryan Bingham as Walker in Yellowstone. (Source: Entertainment)

While Walker sings, Beth sobs uncontrollably. Rip witnesses the scenario from afar and walks away. There could be different interpretations of the moment.

For instance, Beth might not want Rip to witness her in a vulnerable and emotional state. As the argument between the female lead and her dad is rare, she likely needs some time to calm down before talking to Rip about it.

Nevertheless, Beth doesn’t cheat on Rip, and the pair’s bond is solid, as always.

Who Are Beth Dutton And Rip Wheeler Real Life Partners?

While Kelly Reilly portrays the Yellowstone character Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler is played by Cole Hauser.

Kelly Reilly has been happily married to Kyle Baugher since 2012. The Actress’ spouse is reportedly a financier.

The lovely pair doesn’t seem to welcome any kids yet. Do Kelly and her husband have children together?

On the other hand, Cole Hauser walked down the aisle with Cynthia Daniel, an Actress, and photographer, on 22 December 2006.

The married duo is blessed with three children, Ryland, Steely Rose, and Colt.

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