Xolani Khumalo Arrested And Charged: Controversy And Scandal

Is Xolani Khumalo arrested? The tech figure has sparked controversies over himself after a drug dealer they were investigating mysteriously passed away. 

Xolani Khumalo is a tech leader who hosts the program Sizokuthola. The tech leader is committed to fighting the escalating drug epidemic engulfing South Africa.

Xolani, the host of Sizokuthola, is serving the Lord by ensuring that drug-related hotspots are revealed and cleaning up the streets.

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Despite the risks involved in taking on dreaded drug lords, Khumalo, who has received multiple death threats, is determined to make South Africa a drug-free nation.

Over the past four months, he has traveled from city to city, breaking drug lords hiding behind thick walls and demanding they take responsibility for their actions.

Despite recent stories about a guy who died during a drug bust, viewers have also backed the well-liked program.

Xolani Khumalo Arrested And Charged: What Did He Do?

After the Sizok’thola team visited a home in Katlehong on Wednesday, Robert Varie, a suspected drug dealer, passed away.

As a result, Xolani Khumalo was reportedly detained by the South African police. But the official news of his arrest is yet to surface on the internet. 

According to Moja Love, an investigation is being conducted into how a reputed drug dealer died while a Sizok’thola episode was being filmed.

Xolani Khumalo Arrested
An alleged drug dealer Robert Varie passed away after Sizokuthola’s enforcers visited the Varie residence. (Source: News24)

Police officers accompany presenter Xolani Khumalo as he conducts raids on the residences and businesses of alleged drug dealers in the documentary “Sizok’thola,” which translates to “We’ll get you.”

Robert Varrie, the alleged drug dealer, passed away after the crew visited a residence in Katlehong on Wednesday.

“While the crew can confirm that the deceased was being questioned near the premises, the channel is still looking into the circumstances that allegedly required the deceased to be rushed to the hospital.”

According to a statement issued by Moja Love on Sunday, this is the case.

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The team was alongside law enforcement officers during the raid, and everything done that day complied with the law, according to the station.

According to the channel, after it is established that the suspects are drug sellers, the police are given custody of them so they can conduct additional inquiries and make arrests.

Xolani Khumalo Controversy And Scandal

Xolani Khumalo has drawn controversy after being linked to the death of Robert “Kicks” Varrie, a man who was thought to be a drug dealer.

The incident that led to Varrie’s passing involved Moja Love’s team members who were present during a house visit in Katlehong on a Wednesday.

Robert, the alleged drug dealer, was reportedly being questioned by the team on this visit when he passed away.

Xolani Khumalo Controversy
Investigator Moja Love is looking into an alleged drug dealer’s death while filming ‘Sizok’thola.’ (Source: EWN)

The channel Moja Love is currently looking into the specifics of the nature of the interrogation and the incidents that led to his death because they are unclear.

Moja Love acknowledged that its team had been close to the location of the interrogation in a statement made public on a Sunday.

They made it clear that they were accompanied by law enforcement personnel during the raid and that everything done that day was legal.

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Moja Love added that if suspects are identified as drug dealers, they are turned over to the police for follow-up inquiries and potential arrests.

They have stated they are prepared to assist law enforcement in any investigation into Robert Varrie’s death circumstances.

The precise facts surrounding Varrie’s death and the degree of Xolani Khumalo’s involvement are still under investigation.


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