Xavier Michael Babudar, Chiefsaholic Arrested For Armed Bank Robbery

Xavier Michael Babudar, a.k.a Chiefsaholic, is arrested concerning an armed bank robbery in Bixby.

The crime, which occurred on Friday morning, alarmed the Bixby locals.

Fortunately, the quick response of witnesses, bank staff, and Police officials resulted in the timely arrest of the suspect.

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No one was hurt in the incident, which is believed to have been perpetrated by a big fan of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

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Xavier Michael Babudar, Chiefsaholic Arrested For Armed Bank Robbery

It is a crazy time for Chiefs Kingdom. It is reported that one of their superfans, ChiefsAholic is a notorious bank robber.

His real name is Xavier Michael Babudar.  first broke the story.

Black Sports Online details the alleged bank robbery he tried to commit. Accordingly, the Bixby, Oklahoma Police Department arrested a bank robbery suspect on Friday (December 16) morning.

Around 9:30 am that day, Police responded to a call regarding an armed robbery at the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union near 131st and Memorial.

Witnesses inside the bank called BPD and provided a description of the suspect and the direction he had headed off.

A few moments later, Police officers arrived at the scene and set up a search perimeter in a nearby neighborhood, where they 

BPD reported that the suspect was trying to flee with a weapon and large amounts of cash. Luckily, no injuries were reported during the incident.

Bixby Police assure people of coordinating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its investigation efforts. They confirm that the suspect is in custody.

bixby police
Bixby bank robber, is in custody. (Source: News on 6)

“The decisive and quick action of the witness permitted Bixby Police Officers to respond in under two minutes and take the suspect in custody within six minutes,” Todd Blish, Bixby Chief of Police, said.

He went on to thank the witnesses, bank employees, and the officers that responded and assisted in capturing the possible culprit.

“I’m especially proud of our officers who were able to respond quickly, set up a perimeter, and make the arrest,” Blish added.

Xavier Michael Babudar Is A Chiefs Fan

Xavier Michael Babudar is a superfan of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He runs a Twitter page called ChiefsAholic and regularly visits their games.

According to local sources, Babudar traveled from Kansas City to Houston to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Houston Texans.

Chiefsalholic arrested for bank robbery
Chiefsalholic showing support during a game of the Chiefs. (Source: Twitter)

The game, held at NRG Stadium, ended in a 30-24 win for the Chiefs. However, Babudar never made it since he was in jail.

Chiefs Kingdom was concerned about his safety when he did not show up in the wolf costume he usually wears at games.

Ironically, it was other people’s safety that we should have been bothered about. 

The Incident: What Happened In the Bixby Bank?

On the morning of Friday, December 18, 2022, one person tried to rob a bank in Bixby, Oklahoma. He was armed.

The incident occurred at the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union near 131st and Memorial.

As the robber tried to flee the scene with his gun and money, he was arrested by the Bixby Police.

A witness called Police as the crime was happening. When Police officers arrived, witnesses informed them that the suspect had just left.

Bixby Police set up a perimeter and detained the suspect nearby. The suspect has been identified as Xavier Michael Babudar.

Chiefsalholic Babudar
Arrest Information posted by Folsom Facts. (Source: Twitter)

Luckily, no one has been hurt in the incident, and the situation looks under control.

As the investigation continues coordinating with Bixby Police and the FBI, more details will soon be out.

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