Why Was Anthony Chatzimanolakis Arrested? Melissa Chatzimanolakis Brother Died Waiting Trail

Following the tragic death of Anthony Chatsimanolakis while he was awaiting trial in an Ontario prison, the arrest of Anthony Chatsimanolakis has spread rapidly. Here’s what we know:

Anthony (Anse) Peter Chatzimanorakis, a family member from Canada, was arrested on a series of charges including theft of a car, possession of a loaded firearm without consent, and criminal harassment.

He is in custody awaiting trial, but the sad news recently broke everyone’s hearts.

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With Anthony no longer with us, the Chadjimanorakis family is in deep pain. After Anthony’s death, people were eager to learn more about the issue. Until then, here is more information about his arrest and trial.

Why Was Anthony Chadzimanorakis Arrested?

Anthony Chatzimanorakis was arrested on September 15, 2022 on charges including theft of a car and possession of a loaded firearm. His case is still pending in court, and Chadjimanorakis has yet to be convicted.

Anthony Chadzimanorakis Arrested
The news of the death of Anthony Chadzimanorakis has been trending on social media. (sauce: twitter )

Chatsimanollakis’ attorney, Carmelo Torcello, said a bail hearing is scheduled for April 14 in Toronto. Torcerro reported that wounds Anthony sustained in a 2019 car accident began to rupture while he was waiting for the hearing.

The prison reportedly arranged for Chajimanorakis to undergo surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital on November 3, 2022, but the surgery was canceled for unknown reasons.

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Melissa Chatsimanorakis’ brother Anthony Chatsimanorakis dies while waiting

As previously mentioned, Melissa Chadzhimanorakis’ younger brother, Anthony Chadzhimanorakis, is awaiting trial. Unfortunately, he died before trial. He died at Etobicoke’s Toronto South Detention Center on March 25, 2023.

The Attorney General’s Office also confirmed the news, but everyone was shocked. The department also said staff saw an unresponsive inmate in Anthony’s cell that day and was summoned to jail in distress.

Melissa Chasmanorakis Family
Melissa Chatzimanorakis and family. (sauce: twitter )

Further details were not provided as the investigation into Anthony’s death is ongoing. Meanwhile, the family reported that initial autopsy results suggested Anthony may have died of a drug overdose.

However, this news is yet to be confirmed as the investigation continues. A funeral mass will reportedly be held on April 3 at the Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church, followed by a burial at Glendale Memorial Gardens.

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Anthony Chadzimanorakis family mourns death: obituary

Anthony Chatsimanollakis, born November 25, 1992, is a family man. Unfortunately, he died at just 30 years old. Anthony is followed by his supportive parents, Lena (mother) and George (father).

Not only is Chajmanolakis the child of his parents, but he also grew up with his younger sister, Melissa Chajmanolakis. He also had a grandmother named Lily.

Likewise, he was a devoted uncle to his nephew Leo. Anthony and Melissa were only 10 months apart, so they were inseparable even as they grew up.

Anthony Chadzimanorakis dies
Everyone, including his family, is shocked by the news of Anthony Chatsimanollakis’ passing. (Source: Facebook)

Melissa also told the media that her brother had a kind heart despite his arrest. Melissa also visited her brother at least once a week while he was in prison, she said.

However, they were accused of meeting virtually instead of being able to meet physically. His death was followed by condolences to the 30-year-old and condolences to his devastated family.

The chief coroner’s office Anthony has passed away. We will provide further updates in the near future.

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