Why Was Abby Lee Miller Arrested? Where Is She Now? Health Update And Cancer Update

Abby Lee Miller was arrested in 2017 as she was found guilty of fraud charges. She was released early due to an ongoing health issue, Burkitt’s lymphoma. Since then, she has been a wheelchair user.

Born Abigale Lee Miller, Abby Miller is one of the best dance instructors, choreographers, and reality television personalities. She is the founding member of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

For eight seasons, her Company appeared on the reality TV series Dance Moms. The American celebrity has found insane fame and fortune throughout her career.

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Miller hails from a family of dance teachers. The 57 years old dad and mom – George Lamar Miller and Maryen Lorrain Miller – owned a dance studio.

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Why Was Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Arrested?

The renowned Choreographer served an eight-month in prison after she was found guilty of fraud charges.

In October 2015, a Pittsburgh grand jury indicted her on 20 counts of fraud and was found guilty of hiding more than $755,000 in income from the popular reality series, reports People.

At first, Miller pleaded not guilty, but in June 2016, she changed her plea. After that, in May 2017, the dancer was sentenced to 366 days in jail.

Abby Lee Miller Arrested
Abby Lee Miller served eight months after being found guilty of fraud charges. (Source: Flickr)

Chief Judge Joy Flowers Coti told Abby Lee that she wasn’t truthful, even after she knew she was supposed to tell everything.

The chief judge said, “somehow, you got caught up in the world of fame, and you lost your moral compass.” At that time, the defendant was reportedly crying.

In addition to the sentence, the television personality also needed to pay a fine of $40,000 and a $120,000 judgment. While her defense team said they respected the judge’s decision, Abby Lee said she was relieved and peaceful.

Dance Moms: Where Is Abby Lee Miller Now?

While serving in prison, there was a problem with the Choreographer’s health. Due to this, Miller was released early, after eight months, in 2018. She was diagnosed with spinal Cancer.

Since then, she has returned to her previous life. In an interview with ET in April 2022, the dance teacher said her previous students abandoned her when she went to prison.

About the Dance Moms, the Pennsylvania native said, “Shame on you. After what I did for you and your children – I helped make you a lot of money.” She clearly expressed how she felt that some people didn’t have her back when she was going through a tough time.

In the same talk, she revealed she wasn’t hurtful anymore as she quickly realized who her friends were. She currently teaches dance lessons over Zoom to children all over the world.

Is Abby Lee Miller Still Uses Wheelchair? Health Update

It has been four years since Abby Lee Miller has been battling a rare Cancer, Burkitt’s lymphoma. As a result, she became unable to walk and has been using a wheelchair ever since.

Abby Lee Miller Arrested
It has been four years since Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. (Source: Instagram)

In April 2022, she posted snaps of herself crying in pain and said 13 April was the last time she walked.

She made it to a doctor’s office in horrific pain. She added on 13 April 2018, techs had to remove her from the imaging machine after 15 minutes as her arms and legs were flailing about uncontrollably.

Her health declined rapidly. She was admitted and then ignored. She went on and said her blood pressure dropped to 23 over 17, her kidneys started to fail, and she became paralyzed below the neck.

As per the prominent personality, it was too late for her to be transferred at that point. After that, she underwent emergency surgery.

At last, she announced that a documentary detailing her health journey would be coming soon. Although she has not been able to walk for four years, the TV personality must be enjoying her life.

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