Why Did Georgia Get Arrested In Season 2? Did She Murder Cynthia Husband Tom Fuller?

People ask, “Why Did Georgia Get Arrested In Season 2” after being stunned by the season’s finale.

Sarah Lampert produced the American comedy-drama series Ginny & Georgia, which is only available on Netflix.

In Ginny & Georgia, Georgia intends to settle down with her daughter Ginny and son Austin in a New England village to offer them a better life than she had. The protagonist is 15-year-old Ginny Miller, older than her 30-year-old mother.

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As we learned, Tom, Cynthia’s husband, was in danger of dying and practically in a coma when Season 2 first began.

Doctors have also predicted Tom’s likelihood of recovering from his illness or awakening. Because of this, Cynthia is depressed for a good chunk of Ginny & Georgia season 2’s episodes.

So it seems odd that Cynthia and Georgia should become friends amidst all this.

Ginny & Georgia season 2 has even more storyline surprises for viewers who thought season 1 was a roller coaster.

The latter ten episodes of the series have been pretty fascinating to watch, from the reappearance of Austin’s Father, Gil, to the revelation of even more murders perpetrated by Georgia to Ginny’s general mental anguish.


Why Did Georgia Get Arrested In Season 2? 

At Georgia’s wedding reception, she was dancing with her new husband when she was rudely interrupted.

The Southern Belle was in custody for murder when the cops barged in and put her in handcuffs. But whose, given that she’s amassed a body count?

Georgia was detained in connection with the murder of Cynthia’s (Sabrina Grdevich) husband, Tom Fuller.

To be fair, she did suffocate Tom with a pillow as a form of mercy killing when he received hospice care at home.

Why Did Georgia Get Arrested In Season 2
Why Did Georgia Get Arrested In Season 2? (Youtube)

After they became actual friends, Georgia thought she was doing her friend Cynthia a service by helping Tom make the journey into the afterlife.

Cynthia described how challenging it was to be in a scenario where your husband is dying and isn’t responding, but you can’t try to go forward because he’s still technically alive.

When Cynthia learns what Georgia accomplished, we don’t know if she’ll be very appreciative.

Did She Murder Cynthia Husband Tom Fuller?

In episode 9, Cynthia tells Georgia that she and her son have suffered since Tom went into a coma and that it will be harder for them both to move on the longer he survives.

To end the call, Cynthia sobs, “I just want it to be finished.” Georgia, being Georgia, has the violent need to step in and kill Tom.

When Cynthia goes upstairs to look for her son, Georgia approaches Tom and promises to keep an eye on her and be there for her.

Then, while sobbing, she smothers Tom with a pillow. After that, Georgia screams to Cynthia that she believes Tom’s time has come.

Georgia murdering Tom Fuller.
Georgia is murdering Tom Fuller. (Youtube)

Georgia didn’t know, though, that Austin had been spying on her murder of Tom from a cupboard in Tom’s room. Austin is kept in the dark about Georgia’s secret, but only for a short period.

Paul and Georgia’s wedding day is cut short in the season finale. Georgia is taken into custody for the murder of Tom Fuller as private investigator Gabriel Cordova barges in with the Police.

Georgia is even more perplexed when Austin says he never told anyone, as Austin maintains. The season ends without saying how the Police found out what Georgia did to Tom.

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