Why Did Casey Anthony Get Off? Reddit Update: Caylee Anthony Drowned In The Family Pool

People are curious to know why did Casey Anthony get off after there was some evidence that her daughter didn’t die accidentally.

One of the most closely followed trials in recent years, if not decades, was Casey Anthony’s trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony, which took place in 2011. 

According to one of the TV news reports, there hadn’t been such enthusiasm for a case like this since the trail of O.J. Simpson. The same happened in Anthony’s case, and he was not found guilty. 

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“Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” a new three-part documentary from Peacock, introduces the case to a new generation of viewers. It features Anthony’s first extensive remarks about her daughter’s death since she was acquitted of first-degree murder, severe child abuse, and aggravating manslaughter of a child in July 2011.

Why Did Casey Anthony Get Off?

The case of Casey Anthony has been leaving confusion among Reddit users too. One user stated that Casey Anthony got off because they couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt and there just wasn’t enough solid evidence for 1st-degree murder.

Another user also wrote that there was very little concrete evidence especially given the state of Caylee’s body when found.

Casey Anthonys reddit
Reddit users reaction on why Casey Anthonys got off (Source: Reddit)

Casey, who had previously been charged with Caylee’s death before a jury found her not guilty in 2011, claims that George, her abusive Father, was actually to blame for Caylee’s death.

Casey is speaking on camera for the first time to discuss her daughter’s death and her trial. According to Casey in the documentary series, “I lost everything the day I lost her.”

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2008 saw widespread coverage of Caylee’s disappearance and death, and a large audience watched Casey’s trial after she was charged with killing her infant.

Casey Anthony Was Found Not Guilty: What Were Her Charges

CNN reports that Casey’s trial started in May 2011. Throughout her trial, which lasted until early July, she did not give a statement. 

The jury found Casey not guilty of first-degree murder, severe child abuse, and severe manslaughter after nearly 11 hours of deliberation. CNN notes that she was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of giving law enforcement false information.

Casey Anthonys Twitter
Twitter user’s reaction after Casey Anthonys was found not guilty. (Source: Twitter)

On July 7, 2011, Casey was given a sentence of $1,000 for each count and four years in prison with credit for time already served. Her release took place on July 17, 2011. According to CNN, Florida’s Department of Children and Families published a report less than a month later that blamed Casey for her daughter’s death. 

According to CNN, the report stated that the alleged perpetrator’s actions ultimately resulted in or contributed to the child’s death.

How Did Caylee Anthony Die?

The specifics of Caylee’s death remain a mystery.

According to CNN, during Casey’s trial, the prosecution claimed that Casey put her daughter Caylee under chloroform and then taped her mouth and nose shut to suffocate her. On the other hand, Caylee’s defense team claimed that she accidentally drowned in the family pool and that her grandfather burned her body.

After speaking with the medical examiner, CNN learned that duct tape was still on Caylee’s face when her body was discovered. Looking back ten years, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, a retired chief medical officer for Orange and Osceola counties, expressed his disgust at the lack of verifiable information and the lack of truth.

According to their Biography, Caylee was raised in the House of her grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, in Orlando. But on June 15, 2008, Casey left the House with Caylee following a family dispute. George learned that a family car Casey had been using had been seized in the middle of July. 

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When Cindy noticed a strong smell in the car, she dialed 911 and said to the operator that it smelled like there’s been a dead body. Caylee was also reported missing by Cindy.

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