Who Was Richard E. Grant Mother Leonne Esterhuysen? Death Cause And Obituary

Richard E. Grant’s mother, Leonne Esterhuysen, profoundly impacted his life and career as an actor.

On a sad note, acclaimed actor Richard E. Grant recently shared the news of his mother’s passing. 

Leonne Esterhuysen, aged 93, passed away, leaving behind a legacy that was complex and deeply intertwined with the life of her talented son. 

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In a heartfelt Twitter video, Grant reflected on their “complicated” relationship, acknowledging the emotional struggles they faced throughout the years. 

As we remember the life of Leonne Esterhuysen, let’s explore the woman behind the name, the circumstances surrounding her passing, and the impact she had on her famous son’s life.

Richard E. Grant Mother: Who Was Leonne Esterhuysen?

Leonne Esterhuysen, the mother of renowned actor Richard E. Grant, was born into this world with a story all her own. 

Richard E. Grant
Richard E. Grant announced that his mother, Leonne Esterhuysen, passed away at the age of 93. (Source:

As she navigated through life’s challenges and joys, little did she know that she would eventually become a significant figure in the life of a future Hollywood star. 

As fate would have it, her journey intersected with Henrik Grant’s, with whom she would later have a son who would make his mark in the entertainment industry.

While Leonne Esterhuysen’s influence on her son’s life was profound, their relationship was often marked by emotional distance and a sense of withheld approval. Richard described his mother as “emotionally withdrawn,” she seemed to demand perfection that was difficult for him to achieve. 

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Despite their challenges, Richard acknowledged her role in igniting his ambition and determination to excel in his career.

Leonne Esterhuysen Death Cause: What Happened?

As of the writing, details regarding the cause of Leonne Esterhuysen’s death have not been publicly disclosed.

Richard E
Richard E. Grant accepted his mother’s passing, acknowledging her emotional distance, and appreciated the gift of life she gave him. (Source:

The family, including her son Richard E. Grant, has chosen to keep the circumstances surrounding her passing private, allowing them space and time to grieve in their way.

In his Twitter video tribute, Richard openly reflected on the complexities of his relationship with his mother, acknowledging their challenges and expressing gratitude for the life she gave him.  Her presence and influence played a significant role in shaping his ambitions and determination as an actor and a person.

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The focus should remain on celebrating the life of Leonne Esterhuysen and the legacy she leaves behind rather than on the circumstances of her passing.

Leonne Esterhuysen Obituary Details

As a mother, Leonne played a pivotal role in Richard’s journey through life. 

Her role as a parent provided him with the “Gift of Life,” as he expressed in his heartfelt tribute. Like any mother-son relationship, theirs had its share of ups and downs, complexities, and emotional struggles. 

Richard candidly shared that his mother was often emotionally withdrawn and withheld her approval, making their bond complex.

Despite their challenges, the bond between a mother and her child endured. The connection between Leonne Esterhuysen and Richard E. Grant shaped his ambitions and determination. 

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While the specific details of Leonne Esterhuysen’s life and achievements have not been disclosed in a formal obituary, her legacy lives on through the impact she had on her son’s life and the memories shared by those who knew her best. 

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