Who Was Nhizza Romero? Death And Obituary

Niza Romero is a young woman from Kudahi who disappeared in November 2022. Her family is now seeking justice for Niza, who has yet to return to her home.

Niza Romero was a beautiful young woman who disappeared on November 19th. The case has gone viral on social media and her parents continue to demand justice for their daughter.

According to her Facebook profile, Romero went to a rave in Dreamstation City, San Bernardino. Her mother later found her dead, but she did not know how she died.

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As her mother described, Romero was an intelligent woman, a rational person with a keen critical mind. Upon learning of her incident, she jumped out of a car driven by a man (her friend) and died.

Unfortunately, the police also did not focus on the case and did their best, and the man was released after several interrogations, but no proper investigation was subsequently conducted.

What is Saiza Romero?

Nhizza Romero lives in Apple Valley, CA and is a student at Victor Valley University. Her name continues to surface on the internet as her death is still kept secret and her family still wants justice.

Nizza Romero
Niza Romero’s parents will get justice for her. (Source: Instagram)

So in her search, she was a smart and wise woman, and the family survived. She disappeared on November 19th, and she never returned home.

Romero was a friendly and kind person who loved spending time with her friends and family, but unfortunately she broke up with everyone very quickly while her parents were still going through a major trauma.

Niza’s death remains a mystery, but the saddest thing is that she didn’t take a proper stand. So her parents, especially her mother, ran away that day to find her alive.

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Niza Romero was pronounced dead on Sunday, November 20. Her moment when she realized her mother knew of her existence was a tense moment for her, who wanted to know she was alive and safe.

Romero’s body was found the day after he disappeared, leaving his mother devastated by the tragic death of such a beautiful child.

Similarly, Niza’s funeral will be held on December 5, 2022. Her parents decided to keep it a secret. Her family and loved ones attended the funeral and prayed for her repose.

Nizza Romero
Niza Romero’s parents paid tribute to her. (Source: Facebook)

People around the world also extended their condolences to Nihiza’s family and supported the family’s fight for her daughter’s rights and justice.

You can see various posts by Nhizza Romero Her parents posted about the incident asking people for help.

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How did Nihiza Romero die?

Niza Romero has died in a mysterious accident. It’s not clear how the crash happened or what happened between the man and the driver.

She left home on November 19 and was reportedly greeted by a man in his 40s who assured his parents that he was “safe with them and a gentleman.”

But rather than drive Romero home, he leaves her to die in the dark. Niza’s mother received a call from a man who told her she had attacked him and warned him to jump out of a moving car.

Nizza Romero
Nizza Romero was last seen with this man, but details are unknown. (Source: Facebook)

So Niza’s mother immediately left home to look for her. She looks for her everywhere, asks everyone about her, describes her appearance and details about her.

I called my daughter to try and get in touch with the man, but I couldn’t find him that day. Romero’s mother was also involved in the disappearance of her daughter.

The next day she decided to go home with a heavy heart. She then finds that several police officers are watching under the bridge that Niza descended on at night.

Police investigators later announced that the body belonged to Niza. As such, no details about how she died were made public as the man did not answer questions.

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