Who Was Michael Zillig? Botox Empire Death And Obituary

Who is Michael Zelig? A Botox business with 16 clinics went out of business following the unexpected death of its founder.

Beauty clinics have closed one after another following the owner’s unexpected death, forcing hundreds of angry customers to pay out of their own pocket.

The Australian Injection Association (IIA), known for Botox injections, operated 16 beauty clinics in Sydney before closing on March 14.

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The NSW Supreme Court has appointed Corr Cordis as the IIA Liquidator following IIA Manager Juliet Young’s application for liquidation.

Young filed in February, a week after the company’s sole director and owner, Michael Gillig, died on January 29 at the age of 56.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at who Michael Zelig is and his death.

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Who is Michael Zelig?Death and Obituaries of the Botox Empire

Who is Michael Zelig? The company’s sole director and owner, Michael Gilligg, died on January 29 at the age of 56.

An IIA customer received a text message announcing that the store was closing due to the owner’s passing in February.

In the same month, Fair Trading in New South Wales received 138 complaints about the IIA, the highest number in the state, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Zillig, from the Victorian town of Kyneton, died “suddenly”, according to a funeral notice in a local newspaper.

Who is Michael Zelig
Who is Michael Zelig? (Source: Daily Telegraph)

He is a partner and accountant at Lowensteins Arts Management based in Sydney.

When The IIA was registered as a company in 2015, The IIA had clinics in Sydney CBD, Sutherland Shire, Central Coast NSW and MacArthur.

“We will continue to quantify the company’s debt,” said Ko Cordis, with a creditor statement due out in June.

incident details

A director who was the company’s sole shareholder and sole president of the company has died, according to a spokesperson. “Company went bankrupt”

On Facebook groups of disgruntled customers, some have posted as much as $8,900 in unpaid medical bills they didn’t receive.

The number has not yet been confirmed, but 165 people are said to have filed complaints against Cor Cordis.

Facebook group organizers said they consulted with lawyers in setting up the group to gain support for the class action lawsuit.

Who is Michael Zelig
Obituary of Michael Zilliger. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The group has 235 members, and many say they have successfully refunded money through bank chargebacks.

Cor Cordis updated its IIA Facebook page on February 22nd with a message reminding users that the company has ceased operations and consumers can make claims via email.

Nearly 200 people have commented on the page, mostly angry consumers who have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for additional treatment.

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