Who Was José Pisani? Death and Obituary- Meet His Wife Romina

Who is Jose Pisani? Everyone is asking about him because he was killed in a brawl in Olivia La Cala.

Jose Pisani is a 55-year-old man who worked at former Towie star Elliott Wright’s Costa del Sol restaurant. Pisani worked as a bouncer in a restaurant.

Most recently, Pisani’s name made headlines after he died in a restaurant brawl on the Costa del Sol.

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Pisani has been involved with Wright’s restaurant for the past two years. Wright is a British reality TV personality, best known for her appearance on The Only Way Is Essex.

Who is Jose Pisani?Costa del Sol restaurant bouncer

Jose Pisani, real name Jose Rafael Pisani Pardo, was a bouncer who worked in a restaurant on the Costa del Sol. Also, he is of Venezuelan Spanish descent.

Pisani is close to everyone, including Costa del Sol restaurateur Elliott Wright. Wright mourned Pisani’s death and paid tribute to him.

Who is Jose Pisani
Jose Pisani (Jose Pisani) acted as a bodyguard Costa del Sol restaurant owned by Elliott Wright. (Source: Facebook)

Out of respect, he also decided to close the restaurant for two days. No further details about Pisani have been updated.

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Details on the death and obituary of Jose Pisani

Jose Pisani He never recovered from his injuries and died on Sunday. He was injured in a brawl at Olivia La Cala.

Pisani was reportedly injured while trying to evict a man who had been caught in a brawl at a Spanish restaurant before turning off life support.

Pisani reportedly suffered a head injury as he fell to the ground. Jose was unconscious and in critical condition and was taken to a hospital in Malaga for intensive care.

Jose Pisani
Bodyguard Jose Pisani died Sunday. I couldn’t recover from my injury. (Source: Miller)

When the news of his death was announced, the world was shocked and tributes began pouring in on social media. I also received a letter of condolence from the bereaved family.

The family lost one of the most dear ones because Pisani was close to everyone. Moreover, he is married.

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Meet Jose Pisani’s Wife Romina: Marriage and Children

Jose Pisani is married and lives a happy life with his beloved wife Romina. His wife, Romina, is Chilean-born Italian. The two reportedly got married five months ago.

In the meantime, they have already had children and are planning to start a family of their own. Romina Akun, a professional personal trainer and trainer, got married in Las Vegas.

Similarly, Pizney is reported to be the father of two children, which is said to stem from his past relationships. And the family was devastated, and Romina was one of the saddest.

Wife of Jose Pisani
Jose Pisani and his wife Romina Akun. (Source: SUR)

She spoke to the media about her husband’s affair. Romina said Pisani had texted him hours before her death saying he was terrified. She said she was scared of Pisani because she was so drunk.

After receiving the message, Romina told her to be careful and promised her that she only had a short time before she got home.

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