Who Was Hazel Mccallion Husband Sam McCallion? Children, Family And Net Worth Before Death

The Canadian businesswoman Hazel Mccallion was married to Sam McCallion. Let’s take a look at her net worth before death. 

Hazel Mccallion was a notable businesswoman who was the former mayor of  Ontario from 1978 until 2014. Similarly, she served as mayor for the first time. 

Hazel began her career as a politician, and she started her political career in Streetsville when she ran a Campaign for the position of deputy reeve. 

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Further, Mccallion has na excellent political history, and she made a record by electing as mayor in 1978, winning by 3000 votes against popular incumbent Ron Searle. 

Additionally, in 2015 McCallion was positioned as the Chief Elder Officer (CEO) of Revera Inc., where she provides advice and counsel to the senior living sector Company. 

Who Was Hazel Mccallion Husband, Sam McCallion?

Besides Hazel’s professional career, the former mayor was also a family person. She was married to Sam McCallion in 1951. Sam was a printer and a photographer. 

Sam and Hazel met at an Anglican Church congregation in Toronto in 1951, and shortly, they fell in love and tied the wedding knot. 

However, there is nothing in detail available about their relationship, as both tried to keep it private until their wedding. 

Hazel McCallionHusband
Hazel McCallion and her husband, Sam McCallion. ( Source: MIssissauga)

More than their wedding, the late couple’s marriage present became the talk of the town as McCallion’s in-laws gifted them a piece of land near the village of Streetsville, Ontario.

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After marrying, Sam and Hazel moved to Streetsville, Ontario, in 1951, where the couple spent the rest of their life. As per her bio, before starting her political career, the late politician and her husband founded The Streetsville Booster in 1964.

Sadly in 1997, Sam died of Alzheimer’s disease. The lovebirds spent nearly 46 years together. 

Hazel McCallion Had Three Children With Her Late Husband

As mentioned earlier, the former pair were married for over four decades. While they were married, Hazel and Sam gave birth to three kids, a daughter named Linda and two sons named Paul and Peter.

Hazel was the mother of 2 sons and daughters named Peter McCallion, Paul McCallion and Linda McCallion.

And her granddaughter’s name is Erika McCallion. Despite her popularity, nothing much is visible about McCallion’s family life. 

All of their children might be busy with their careers, but the details of their professional life remain unknown as they have kept themselves away from media appearances.

Hazel McCallion children
Hazel McCallion and her well-wishers on the occasion of her birthday. ( Source: Bydewey)

The McCallion family faced a tragic incident when they lost their Father, Sam, in 1997. Now, they are mourning the death of their mother, Hazel McCallion, who passed away at her home early on Sunday Morning (January 29).

Hazel McCallion Net Worth Before Death

Hazel McCallion was of wealthy Canadian personality, and she was a millionaire. McCallion’s net worth before her death was over $ 1 million. 

McCallion worked for multiple companies, and she worked for Kellog cereal before starting his political journey.

More, she made most of her money from her political career. She was the longest-serving mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, working from 1978 to 2014.

Her supporters gave her the nickname “Hurricane Hazel” due to her straightforward political style concerning the Hurricane of 1954, which had a huge impact. 

Hazel McCallionNet Worth
Hazel McCallion poses with her car. (Source: The Star)

In the same way, Hazel held other positions and her multiple works had helped her take home a massive fortune. So, there is no doubt that her net value was in the six figures.

Previously, she also played ice hockey in some tournaments, which helped her receive some cash.

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