Who Was Cloete Murray Son Tom Murray? Meet Bosasa Liquidator Wife And Family

The Cloete Murray son Tom Murray died on Sunday after he was shot. Everything on Bosasa liquidator, Cloete wife and family details. 

Tom Murray was one of the Bosasa liquidators, Cloete Murray. Tom and Cloete were shot when driving in a white Toyota SUV on the N1 north in Midrand on Saturday afternoon. 

Both father and son duo were the victims of the shooting as Tom died on the crime scene and Cloete was taken to the hospital, and recently he was also announced dead. 

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Cloete Murray was a Bosasa liquidator and was the court-appointed liquidator for state contractor Bosasa. Further, he previously supervised the state capture allegations before chief justice Raymond Zondo.

The son’s death has already caused a massive loss to the Murray family, and the situation of Cloete has also saddened this family member and the public.

Who was Cloete Murray Son Tom Murray?

Tom Murray was 28 years old young man known as the son of Cloete Murray, a Bosasa liquidator. Tom has become the news headlines as he died in the shooting while traveling with his father in a white Toyota SUV on the N1 north in Midrand on Saturday. 

Further, Tom died on the spot as he And his father, Cloete was shot in the head, and the bullet was nestled in his brain. On the other hand, Cloete has been an insolvency practitioner since 1996.

Cloete started his career at the Master of the High Court and gained further experience at Stabilitas Board of Executors and Limvaal Trustees. 

Cloete Murray son Tom Murray
Cloete Murray’s son Tom Murray died at 28. (Source: Twitter)

Cloete was also the founder and director of Sechaba Trust. Similarly, he was one of the experienced personalities in the administration and management of large commercial liquidations. 

Cloete and Tom both were shot sadly, Tom couldn’t be survived, and Cloete’s treatment was also undergoing but it was announced that he passed away on the early hours of Sunday. 

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Meet Bosasa liquidator Cloete Murray, Wife And Family

Cloete Murray was a family man married to his wife, whose name is yet to be revealed. Tom was the couple’s only child, as there was little to provide about his other kid. 

Similarly, Tom’s birth name was Thomas, but people know him as Tom. Unfortunately, the details about his wife and family details in not accessible on online sources. 

Cloete Murray
Yusuf Abramjee tweeting about Cloete Murray’s incident on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Murray was career-focused, prioritizing his professional career over his personal life. Therefore, despite the fact that he was a public figure, Cloete never shared his private details with the public. 

We, the Genius Celebs team, pay heartful condolence to The Murray’s soul and more powers and strength to the Murray family. 

Cloete Murray Death And Obituary: Insolvency Practitioner Died In Hospital After Being Shot

Cloete Murray Net Worth As of 2023

Bosasa liquidator Cloete Murray’s net worth was speculated to be more than $ 1 million. However, the exact details of his net worth and earning are yet to get revealed. 

Cloete has always remained less talkative regarding his net value and earning, so we don’t have the exact facts about his earnings at the moment. 

Nevertheless, the sources report that he has made a hefty amount from his professional career, as Cloete has been engaged in the field since the beginning of his career. 

Likewise, Murray has a long list of serving in the vocation that has helped him grab huge sums of money. Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be millions of dollars; further details will be provided soon. 

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