Who Killed Emma Pattison Family? Husband George And Daughter Lettie Found Dead On School Ground

Emma Pattison Family news has been trending on social media as the first female head of the prestigious Epsom College was found dead.

The first female head of the prestigious Epsom College confessed her family had endured a ‘lot of change’ in a podcast published only a few weeks before their bodies were found on school property.

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The bodies of Emma Pattison, 45, her husband George, 39, and their seven-year-old daughter Lettie were discovered in their flat shortly after 1 am yesterday. Surrey Police think the tragedy is an ‘isolated occurrence,’ with nobody else involved. The coroner has been informed of their deaths.

Who Killed Emma Pattison Family? What Happened To Her?

On January 1, 2023, Emma Pattison became the first female head of the famous Epsom College, one of the UK’s finest boarding schools.

The remains of Epsom College headmistress Emma Pattison, her husband, and their seven-year-old daughter were discovered after emergency services were summoned to the school early Sunday morning.

Emma Pattison Family
Emma Pattison Family (source: Standard)

According to Metropolitan Police, the fatalities are an isolated incidence involving no third Party. They were called to the school, which is in Surrey, by the local ambulance service.

Det Ch Insp Kimball Edey stated, “I first want to send my profound condolences to the friends and family of Emma, Lettie, and George, as well as the students and staff of Epsom College, for their tragic loss. I speak on behalf of Surrey Police, my colleagues, and myself.

“I want to provide my confidence that we will undertake a comprehensive inquiry into what transpired… and hope to be able to bring peace in these painful circumstances. I would request that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

Ms. Pattison was appointed as Epsom’s first female principal only five months ago, after six years as principal of Croydon High School in south London.

According to Companies House, her husband George was a chartered accountant and the director of Tanglewood’s management consultancy business in 2016.

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Who Was Emma Pattison? Husband George And Daughter Lettie 

In September last year, Ms. Pattison, 45, was appointed as the school’s first female principal. She had previously served as the principal of Croydon High School for six years.

Ms. Pattison resided on the grounds of Epsom College with her husband, George, a chartered accountant, and their seven-year-old daughter Lettie.

Emma Pattison Family
Emma Pattison At  Epsom College(source: Thesun)

At the time of her hiring, Ms. Pattison stated Epsom College was a school she had “always admired, with an exceptional reputation, and George and I can’t wait to meet the kids, parents and staff and to become part of this beautiful community.”

Dr. Alastair Wells, chairman of the board of governors, stated that Ms. Pattison’s vision for the school “excited the Governors” and impressed pupils.

Her teaching career began in 2002 when she taught French and Spanish at Lutterworth College.

She was named deputy’s head at St John’s School in 2013, and three years later, she was appointed Head of Croydon High School.

In a prior interview with Connaught Education, Ms. Pattison stated she attended a ladies’ school growing up and was “a great pianist.”

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