Who Is Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist? 17 Years Girl Fell 30 Feet To Her Death

People want to know about Zoe Afton McKinney boyfriend Lloyd Gist. 17 years girl Zoe Afton McKinney Fell 30 feet to her death.

A Utah teen who died on Friday, February 10, after falling 30 feet to her death while hiking in Kane Creek Canyon spoke out about their relationship. 

According to the police, Zoe Afton McKinney, 17, slipped and fell “down of a sheer cliff face” while hiking with her pals on the Moab Rim Trail in eastern Utah. After Zoe collapsed, her friends were unable to reach her safely. 

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They dialed 911, which prompted police and other law enforcement agencies to arrive on the site and reach Zoe using harnesses and climbing equipment. 

Police reported that they discovered her “dead from the fall.” Lloyd Gist, Zoe’s lover, is devastated by the event.

Let’s dive deep to learn more about Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist.

Who Is Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist?

Who Is Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist? 18-year-old Lloyd Gist recalled Zoe was one of the first to contact him after he moved to Moab almost two years ago. 

Gist remarked, “She had the brightest smile. She was the loveliest person; she would readily comply with any request made of her.

She complimented me on my beanie, after which he remembered we began chatting in class the following day. “Then we began spending virtually every day together. 

She took me on a city tour and made me friends with her friends.” After dating, Zoe, a cheerleader, attended practically all of Gist’s football games. 

Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend
Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist. (Source: Meaww)

Gist claimed that despite Zoe’s small size, “she never allowed her size to stop her.” Gist and Zoe had intended to move in together once Zoe graduated from high school this summer.

Gist remarked of Zoe, who aspired to be an EMT, that “she would find a way around people if they told her no.” “She adored off-road riding. 

Although she was small and couldn’t put her feet on the ground, she was perfectly capable of riding a giant dirt bike.” 

Added, “We were always together. You should have phoned Zoe if you couldn’t find me because I was with her.”

More Details on Their Relationship

Lloyd was at his best when Zoe was around. Ellie Gist, Gist’s mother, revealed more about her son’s passing in a Facebook post. 

“In a rock climbing mishap tonight in Moab, my son lost “The Love of his life.” Please think of Lloyd in your prayers as he mourns the loss of his only Zoe. 

She was a remarkable human being who loved him with all her heart. She was gorgeous, strong, loving, and compassionate. 

He was at his best because of her. Her family and her friends, especially Lloyd, will miss her dearly. We adore you, Lloyd, and our thoughts are with your family, “She composed.

Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend
Lloyd Gist and Utah hiker who fell 30 feet to death ‘were inseparable.’ (Source: TODAY)

A teenager who died after falling 30 feet while hiking in Utah’s Moab Rim Trail “had the greatest smile,” according to lover Lloyd Gist. “She was simply the sweetest; if anyone asked her to do anything, she would be hopping on it instantly.”

According to a press release from the Moab City Police Department, a Utah youngster died on Friday after falling about 30 feet while hiking in Kane Creek Canyon.


Zoe Afton McKinney, 17, was hiking the Moab Rim Trail in east Utah with a group of her friends when she slipped and fell “down of a sheer rock face,” according to Police. 

Authorities and a loved one identified her as the victim. Her companions attempted to reach the 17-year-old while dialing 911, but they could not do so securely.

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