Who Is Tom And Dawn Dufault? Jack Teixeira Parents- Age Gap And Family

Massachusetts Air National Guard officer Jack Teixeira is in police custody on suspicion of leaking classified documents. Learn about his parents and family background.

FBI agents arrested a 21-year-old man on Thursday after classified documents were leaked online.

Authorities arrested a US Air National Guard in North Dayton, Massachusetts.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced Teixeira’s first appearance in the United States District Court in Massachusetts, according to reports. She declined to respond to media inquiries as the investigation is still ongoing.

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Who are Tom Dufour and Dawn Dufour? Jake Teixeira’s Parents- Age Gap and Family

Tom Dufour and Dawn Dufour are Jack Teixeira’s father and mother respectively. The 21-year-old is from North Dayton, Massachusetts.

Age of parents is unknown. As a result, it was not possible to calculate the age difference between Jack and his parents.

A native of North Dayton, he enlisted in the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Wing. He is stationed at Otis Air National Guard Base west of Cape Cod.

Jack Teixeira's parents
Jack Teixeira’s family has military service. (Image source: The Guardian)

Jack was reportedly promoted to Air Force 1st Class (a relatively low-level job) last July.

Those holding positions associated with network transmission systems are responsible for managing the organization’s extensive communications infrastructure, according to the Air Force’s official website.

Teixeira’s records show no evidence of overseas deployment. His family reportedly has military service.

According to The Washington Post, Jack Teixeira’s stepfather retired after 34 years of service. Teixeira’s 102nd Intelligence Wing served as the last sergeant major.

Teixeira’s mother previously worked for a veterans-focused nonprofit and the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services, according to public documents cited by LinkedIn and US media.

Dawn Dufour uploads a family photo each year on Veterans Day. Other photos of Dawn on social media reportedly show Jack riding in an ATV with his dog.

What did Jack Teixeira do?

Jack Teixeira is said to lead an invite-only Discord chat room called ThugShaker Central. This chat room was created in 2020.

A security guard leads a group of 20-30 young people from different countries. The group reportedly shared offensive jokes, small talk and memes. They also prayed together and watched movies together.

He provided a version of classified information he had previously posted in the chat room.

Jack Teixeira's parents
When Jack Teixeira was arrested. (Image source: BBC)

But after getting frustrated by the inattentiveness of other users in the chatroom, he began posting images of the documents. Jack once sent the group an angry text lamenting the growing interest in YouTube videos.

Members of the group, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Teixeira was upset and repeatedly threatened to stop distributing the document unless the group got involved.

Teenagers in the group had their own theories about Teixeira’s motives for sharing the material.

An anti-war Christian, he just wanted to let his friends know what was going on, according to the BBC.

According to chat room users, Teixeira was an attractive young gun enthusiast, The New York Times reported.

Other members said Teixeira was older than the others and seemed eager to make a good impression. He is a myth, a source told the magazine. After all, he is a myth. Everyone respects this man.

The paper also reported that Teixeira told the group that he worked in a place where the use of mobile phones was strictly prohibited.

He allegedly used different usernames online, including TexKilledYou, jackdjdtex, and TheExcaliburEffect.

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