Who Is Sam Short Girlfriend Gabbi Seccombe? Dating And Relationship Timeline

Sam Short’s girlfriend suddenly became a big search topic as the Australian swimmer won the gold medal in the inaugural final.

Australia’s Sam Short won the gold medal in the first final of the World Championships in Fukuoka.

He narrowly beat defending champion Ahmed Hafnawi in the men’s 400m freestyle.

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The gap between the two was very close, with Sam Short winning by just two hundredths of a second.

Short is an Australian international standard swimmer who has proudly represented his country at the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

His recent competitions have shown that he is an accomplished swimmer, as both competitions feature elite athletes from around the world.

Searches for girlfriends have also increased dramatically along with Short’s name. let’s see.

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Who is Sam Short’s Girlfriend Gabi Sekom?

Australian Samuel Short is a swimmer who recently won honors at the World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka.

The short won the gold medal in the first final, beating defending champion Ahmed Hafnawi in the men’s 400m freestyle by 2/100ths of a second.

Following his victory, netizens began to learn more about the swimmer’s relationship.

sam short girlfriend
Sam Short is now dating Gabi Sekom, who is proud of her boyfriend’s victory (Source: Instagram)

As the title suggests, Short is dating Gabby Secom. Gabbi is a social media content her creator from Brisbane, Queensland and is well known on Instagram.

After the win, Gabi posted a series of articles on IG, captioning a photo of himself, writing, “He’s a world champion. I’m so proud.”

Seccombe has 2,690 followers and 119 posts sharing their happy life with friends, family and Sam.

Likewise, 673 people are currently following her, and you won’t miss any of the cute comments Gabi makes when she posts.

Short and Secom: A Timeline of Dating and Relationships

Sam Short’s victory turned everything on him.

It is known that he is dating Gabby Sekom, but netizens want to know the dating schedule of the two.

Unfortunately, the swimmer hasn’t revealed any details about his dating life and love story, and how and when it blossomed and developed.

Still, a closer look at Gabi’s Instagram reveals that the two have been together for almost two years, and possibly more.

Back to Sam, the Australian swimmer showed off his skills on the first day of the World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka.

sam short girlfriend
Gabby Sekom’s boyfriend Sam Short wins gold in first final (Credit: Swimming World)

The 19-year-old prodigy swimmer won the gold medal in the men’s 400m freestyle in 3:40.60, the fourth-fastest time ever.

In a thrilling race, he defeated Tokyo Olympic champion Ahmed Hafnaoui (Tunisia) by just 0.1 seconds in 3:40.70.

2022 silver medalist Lucas Martens of Germany took the bronze in 3:42.20.

The winner was decided with 50 meters remaining, with Short overtaking Hafnawi with 25 meters to go.

However, the Tunisian swimmer showed resilience and sprinted forward, making the two evenly matched.

In the end, Short found another burst of energy to take a thrilling win by a narrow margin.

This outstanding performance cemented Short’s place among Australia’s elite swimmers and earned him this honor.

Sam is proudly known to represent the World Championships and Commonwealth Games, and his family and girlfriends are also proud of his extraordinary achievements.

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