Who Is Rihanna Baby Daddy A$AP Rocky? Is She Pregnant At Super Bowl 2023- Health Update

Get to know about Rihanna Baby Daddy A$AP Rocky via this article; she revealed about expecting her second child at Super Bowl 2023. 

Rihanna revealed her baby bump while performing at the Halftime Show in State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023. She is expecting to have her second baby after being pregnant for less than one year after having her first baby. 

She is the second best-selling female music artist, has been in the music industry since 2003, and is well-known for her several works worldwide. 

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Rihanna has collaborated with many famous artists, including Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, and Shakira.

Many people know about her professional life and her music career. Still, since she shared about having her second baby in Super Bowl 2023, people are excited to learn about it in detail. 

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Who Is Rihanna Baby Daddy A$AP Rocky?

Rakim Athelaston Mayers is professionally a rapper and worldwide known as the A$AP Rocky. A$AP and Rihanna shared their relationship in the year 2021. 

On May 19, 2022, they welcomed their first baby in the world, and again they expect to have a second child soon.

The couple shares a great relationship; they started living together after they shared a child. Both are involved in the music industry and well-known for their music. 

A$AP Rocky on His Hopes as a Father After Welcoming Baby with Rihanna
A$AP Rocky on His Hopes as a Father After Welcoming Baby with Rihanna (Image Source: PEOPLE)

A$AP Rocky has been awarded for his music, including his solo music L$D was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Along with music, he has been involved in many movies; he last was involved in a documentary, “A Man Named Scott.”

The rapper has never disappointed his fans and followers; they have always loved his role and performance. The rapper has gained thousands of fans and followers with his music.

Rocky has worked with many well-known artists like his partner Rihanna; they have also performed together. People have admired the relationship of the pair since they started dating. 

The couple has yet to be engaged or married and has yet to share about being married anytime soon. 

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Is Rihanna Pregnant At Super Bowl 2023- Health Update

Rihanna revealed her pregnancy among her fans at Super Bowl 2023, mentioned her partner, and has already worked on the baby’s name. 

She revealed her baby bump while performing; the singer was seen cradling her stomach at one point during the show.

Rihanna reveals she's pregnant at Super Bowl half-time show
Rihanna reveals she’s pregnant at Super Bowl half-time show. (Image Source: BBC)

The singer was seen wearing all red, her shoes also matching her dress. Before she entered the stage, everyone was unknown of her being pregnant. 

She looked terrific in the red dress; it showed a few bumps, meaning she was already around three to five months pregnant.

But, it has been confirmed that A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have been expecting their second child. 

The pair has not revealed the name of their baby boy, born in May 2022; she again became pregnant just a few months after having her first child.

Thousand of her fans and followers were present at her performance, and they learned about her pregnancy live. Since she revealed her baby bump, the videos and photos from the Super Bowl 2023 have been on different social media platforms. 

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