Who Is Lovely Margallo, Peter Scully Girlfriend? Dating Timeline

One of the worst sex offenders, Peter Scully’s girlfriend, adorable Magaro, became involved in his crimes after hiring her as a sex worker.

Peter Scully (Peter Scully) is an Australian sex offender currently serving time in prison after being convicted of various crimes including child abuse, rape, human trafficking and distributing child pornography.

Australian sex offender convicted on multiple charges. Peter lived in Melbourne with his wife and two children, but fled to Manila, Philippines in 2011.

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Before his departure, he ran an illegal online escort business in Melbourne using his Filipino girlfriend as a sex worker. Today’s article is about Scully’s girlfriend, the lovely Magaro. Read on to learn more about the duo.

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Who is Peter Scully’s lovely Margaro girlfriend? Dating schedule

Rizzle “Lovely” Magaro is Peter Scully’s girlfriend. Their relationship timeline is a bit vague. However, Scully apparently met Margaro in Melbourne in the early 2010s.

peter scully girlfriend
Peter Scully partners with Rizzle “Lovely” Magaro, who is hired as a prostitute in Melbourne. (Image source: Daily Mail)

Peter Scully is considered one of the world’s worst pedophiles for sexually abusing underage girls along with his Filipino girlfriend Rizul “Lovely” Magaro.

Rizul “Lovely” Magaro is reportedly a sex worker from the Philippines. Additionally, she was reportedly trafficked at a young age. Additionally, Peter had an affair with Carme Ann Alvarez, another Filipino sex worker.

Scully is believed to have started dating Alvarez, who was a prostitute.

The Filipino prostitute provided food and shelter to the girls Scully was raped, abused and dog-collared with.

Magaro, a 29-year-old prostitute, was employed by Peter, who ran a business in Melbourne. Magaro has since become involved in her boyfriend’s criminal activities.

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‘Lovely’ Liézil Margaro sentenced to 126 years in prison

In November 2022, sex worker Lovely Margaro was sentenced to 126 years in prison for the crime. A shocking video of a Filipino prostitute sexually abusing an 18-month-old baby has been released.

Meanwhile, Peter Scully, who was already serving a life sentence, was sentenced to an additional 129 years in prison.

Prosecutor Marlin Ballora Ui said Scully, Margaro and two other accomplices were charged with 60 counts, including child abuse, rape, trafficking and distributing child pornography.

peter scully girlfriend
Peter Scully is considered one of the worst sex offenders. (Image source: New York Post)

Two other accomplices were sentenced to nine years in prison. All four criminals were sentenced shortly after pleading guilty on November 3, 2022.

Peter Scully Runs Secret Dark Web Child Porn Site

This Australian criminal runs a darknet and sells vile crime videos. Scully’s most notorious video was titled “Daily Destruction” and was sold to men in Germany, the United States and Brazil for as much as $10,000.

The body of the victim’s young child was hidden under the floor of Scully’s rental house in Surigao. Some of Peter’s victims survived, but they were still traumatized.

Peter was first arrested in March 2015. In October 2015, a fire broke out in the evidence room, severely damaging the evidence against Scully. Some believe the perpetrators bribed the local police.

In 2018, Scully’s live-in girlfriend, Carme Ann Alvarez, was first convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Ultimately, Alvarez led Philippine police to his apartment, where they found the 11-year-old boy dead. In 2018, Alvarez and Scully were both sentenced to life in prison.

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