Who Is Khadija Shah? Former FM Salman Shah Daughter Arrested Fir Jinnah House Attack

Former Finance Minister Salman Shah’s daughter Hatija Shah is the prime suspect in the Ferjina Tower attack. For more information on this subject, please see this article.

People who saw Khadijah Shah’s tweet couldn’t contain their excitement.

In a tweet supporting Imran Khan, Khadijah Shah accused Pakistanis of wasting their time organizing protests across the country.

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Khadijah Shah also expressed the view that Pakistanis have a tendency to procrastinate and waste time, so they need to be mobilized to be more efficient and productive.

After seeing her post, people started looking for Khadijah Shah.

From this article you can get all the important information about the Jinnah attack and Khadijah Shah. Stay tuned to the end to learn more about this incident.

Khadijah Shah is the daughter of former FM Salman Shah

Khadijah Shah rose to fame as the daughter of Salman Shah, but also launched her own label.

She is one of Pakistan’s top fashion designers and the granddaughter of former Pakistan Army Commander Asif Nawaz Janjua.

She is the founder and creative director of Elan, a well-known luxury brand in Pakistan.

Khadija’s upcoming brand is dedicated to providing women with unique, unmatched and affordable clothing. The name of the company is Zaha.

Daughter of Salman Shah
Hatija Shah, the daughter of former Finance Minister Salman Shah, is Pakistan’s top fashion designer. (Source: International News)

Shah’s work is well known. She has built her international reputation by steadily developing her brand.

But she was also known for her bridal wear, impeccable luxury clothing, haute couture, ready-to-wear, seasonal unstitched collections, and some leather accessories.

Shah has an excellent knowledge of local business and a constant eye on global developments.

She is also committed to redefining fashion in her country with her keen business sense and eye for design.

Explaining what the cryptic tweet meant, she wrote: “I sympathize with Imran Khan, but I can’t bring myself to spend an hour protesting in support of a country that is already needlessly lagging behind.

People who are accustomed to sleeping and wasting time should be motivated to be proactive and successful. ”

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Phil Jinnah’s house raid: Has Salman Shah’s daughter Khadijah Shah been arrested?

The investigation into the May 9 incident at Jinnah House in Lahore continues. The prime suspect in the Jinnah attack is Khadijah Shah.

The Shah is accused of looting the home of a senior military official in protest of former prime minister Imran Khan.

Officers searched Khadijah Shah’s home and detained her husband, a police source said.

Daughter of Salman Shah
Surveillance footage showed Salman Shah’s daughter Hatija fleeing after being raided by police. (Source: Pakistan Daily)

When the police arrived, Khadijah Shah left through the back door, which was captured by surveillance cameras.

A police source said Khadijah Shah was taken into custody by a man named Omar Sheikh, based on information provided by the police.

The allegations regarding the detention of Salman Shah and his brother are false. Police obtained all evidence of the Jinnah attack.

Khadijah was photographed during a protest while police were detaining Imran Khan.

Hundreds of people stormed the regimental commander’s home, and video of the incident showed many in police custody.

As one user tweeted, “I am concerned for the safety of Khadijah Shah, whose family is in police custody.

@AzharSiddique on behalf of the Shah family,” others prayed for her protection.

Young designers and foreign-trained women who run the biggest lawn brands should not be treated like this.

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