Who Is Kenneth Ray? 32 Years Man Stabbed to Death at Donaldson Prison

On November 16, 2022, a convict named Kenneth Ray was murdered at Donaldson Prison. He was put behind bars in 2021 after firing at a person outside a bar.

At the University of Cincinnati Hospital, Kenneth Ray passed away. Lesley Hensley, Ray’s mother, and Jimmy Hensley, his Father, are still living.


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Who Is Kenneth Ray? 32 Years Old Man Stabbed to Death at Donaldson Prison

At the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility near Birmingham, Alabama, 32-year-old Kenneth Ray was fatally stabbed on Monday.

Mr. Ray reportedly suffered several stab wounds while being locked inside a dormitory at Donaldson without an officer present, according to accounts that EJI received.

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He passed away before any policemen arrived to look into other men’s cries for assistance in the hostel. While Department of Justice officials was inspecting the facility to gauge conditions, Mr. Ray was killed.

The Justice Department sued Alabama and the Alabama Department of Corrections in December 2020 for failing to safeguard inmates from violence, and the trip was a component of that complaint.

Why Was Kenneth Ray In Prison?

After reportedly shooting at someone outside a bar in 2021, a York man was charged with criminal attempt—criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and restricted firearm possession.

A court complaint claims that York resident Kenneth Ray, 39, shot the victim three times, wounding him once in the leg. For medical attention, the victim was transferred to a hospital.

Kenneth Ray
Kenneth Ray was stabbed to death in Prison. (Source: Fox43)

Police said the confrontation happened outside M&M Lounge on York’s Maryland Avenue 500 block.

On September 28, 2021, at 10:59 pm, Ray allegedly entered the pub with the bouncer. About an hour later, his victim and another man entered the lounge.

The victim and Ray got into a verbal altercation inside the bar within 15 minutes of the victim’s arrival, according to the Police.

According to the complaint, the victim and his group left the bar at 12:20 am before returning a minute later.


Witnesses shoved Ray away from the door when he attempted to re-enter the pub. Ray then allegedly circled the building to the northwest corner.

At 12:27 am, the bouncer Ray arrived and allegedly returned outside to speak with him before going back inside the bar.

Police were informed by a witness who left the M&M Lounge at 2:30 am on September 29 that they had not seen anyone standing in front of the establishment.

The victim left the bar around 12:32 in the morning. He claims that Ray fired three shots at him, injuring his right leg. On Manchester Street, the victim then made a U-turn and fled south.

According to the Police, Ray is prohibited from owning a firearm since he previously entered a guilty plea to a robbery case in 2018.


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