Who Is Innocent Actor Aka vareed Thekkethala Wife Alice Thekkethala? Kids Family And Net Worth

People want to know about the innocent actress wife Alice Tectara. Let’s take a look at the details and other profiles of the innocent actor’s wife.

An innocent actor and politician from India named Valeed Teketara. Apart from Hindi, English, Tamil and Kannada films, he mainly played humorous roles in Malayalam films.

He has appeared in over 750 films and is considered one of the best comedians in Malayalam cinema.

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He also played villainous roles in films such as Mazabirkavadi, Pommthaidunna Tarab and Ganamera.

Among Innocent’s many honors are three Kerala State Film Awards. He represents the Challakdi constituency and is the 16th Indian Member of Parliament.

Learn more and other personal information about the innocent actor’s wife.

Wife of Innocent Actor aka Alice Tequetara, Who is Alice Tequetara?

The innocent actor’s wife is Alice Tectara. In 1976, Innocent and Alice got married. Their son, Sonnet Palpidum, was born to them.

Innocent is also the name of his grandson. In the documentary, Innocent Jr. played the role of his grandfather.

Innocent Jr. and Anna were the children of Sonnet’s previous marriage. Innocent Her Jr. plays a young Innocent in the documentary.

The wife of an innocent actor
Details of the innocent actor’s wife. (Source: Mumbai Mirror)

He beat cancer. In March 2023, he suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized.

Innocent fascinated the Malayalam people with his unique gestures and language in Malayalam films.

As a result, he became a phenomenon in the Malayalam comedy scene and a favorite of copycat performers.

His fame is dictated by the fact that many A-line Malayalam directors rarely make films without Innocent.

Innocent Aka Alied Teketara Family & Early Life Details

On February 28, 1948, Valid Teketara and Margaret gave birth to an innocent boy on the Irinjal camel in Travankel Cochin (now Kerala), India. He has a total of eight children, the third and fifth sons of his parents.

He received his primary education at Little Flower Convent High School, Don Bosco High School and Three Sangameswara NSS School in Irinjalakuda.

He continued to study until the eighth grade of junior high school, but stopped when it became unbearable. Innocent moved to Madras (at that time) for his acting career.

There he worked as a production director and had a supporting role in his previous film Nell.

In the 1970s, he fell ill and went to Davengal to be treated for typhoid fever, where his cousins ​​George (a medical student at JJM School of Medicine), Davis, and brother Sonny ran the Shamanur match factory.

After that, he took an active part in the operation of the factory. Naive has a passion for acting and she jumped ship to join the drama ‘Dhavangere’ in Samajam, Kerala and won the audience’s favor.

The Political Career of Innocent Actor Aka Valid Teketara

In the 1970s, Innocent was secretary of the Thrissur district of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

In 1979, he ran for the Ilindjarakda City Council as a candidate of the Revolutionary Socialist Party and was elected.

There were rumors that he would run as an independent candidate for the Irinjalakuda parliamentary constituency with the backing of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the 2006 Kerala state legislative elections, but this did not materialize.

The wife of an innocent actor
Innocent Valid Tekketara is popularly known as “The Innocent Man”. (Source: Wikipedia)

In the 2014 Lok Sabah elections, LDF-backed independent candidate Innocent won the Charakdi Lok Saba constituency in Thrissur district.

He lost to UDF candidate Benny Behanan in the 2019 Lok Sabah elections.

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