Who Is Farel Prayoga Father Joko Suyoto? Age Gap Family And Ethnicity

Farel Prayoga Father, Joko Suyoto revealed that his son was singing in Banyuwangi at this age. BPJS Kesehatan helps young musician Farel Prayoga and his family develop their abilities and achieve their goals.

By offering health insurance protection through the National Health Insurance (JKN) program, BPJS helped Farel Prayoga.

On August 17, 2022, at Merdeka Palace, Banyuwangi youngster Farel Prayoga stole the show after singing “Ojo Dibandingke” by Abah Lala.

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Few people were previously aware of Farel Prayoga’s life, but practically every Indonesian is mindful of it.

Before he became famous, Farel led a very different kind of childhood. Be with us to learn more about Farel Prayoga Father and his other details.

Who Is Farel Prayoga Father, Joko Suyoto? His Family and Ethnicity

 Joko Suyoto and Siti Nurjayana are Farel Prayoga’s parents. Farel is one of four (four) siblings, the third child. He attended SDN Kepundang, Srono, and Banyuwangi as a student.

Farel proyoga Father and he had begun singing together when he was still in the second grade. Father and son frequently sing on the streets of the marketplaces in Srono District, Banyuwangi.

In the morning, they frequently sing. When Farel is not exhausted, he occasionally joins his Father in song at night.

Regarding their age, Farel was 12 years old at the time of his death, whereas his Father seems to be around 30 to 40 years old, so they might have a considerable age gap.

Farel Prayoga father
Farel Prayoga father and mother. (Source: Tribun)

The 12-year-old was requested to perform alongside dangdut singer Filla Talia until Farel Prayoga was fed. On the same stage as Filla, he frequently played the songs “Ojo Dibandingke” and “Joko Tingkir.”

Farel’s singing video has gained popularity since he has a good voice and sings songs that appeal to some Indonesians.

When using the TikTok app, background videos frequently feature the child’s voice, born on August 8, 2010.

Farel Prayoga Now Reportedly Died

Farel Prayoga is in the media, and there have been speculations about his death. Many individuals were interested in Farel’s professional trajectory due to the extensively read issue.

Safari Records swiftly rejected the reports of Farel’s passing via the musician’s Instagram. His group claimed that Farel’s death had only been a fabrication. Farel is currently in good health and is still active.

When Farel Prayoga accepted an invitation to perform as a guest star at the Palace on August 17, the general public first learned of him. Since then, Farel has persisted in capturing the public’s interest.

Farel Prayoga father
Farel Prayoga singing in public. (Source: VOI)

The career journey of Farel Prayoga is reviewed by and taken from various sources.

Before becoming well-known, Farel owed money for tempeh in a store to feed his folks. The narrator of this tale is Danang, a singer from Banyuwangi.

Farel was informed at the time that he was hungry because he lacked money. Farel owed him tempeh and was compelled to visit a store close to his home.

Farel committed this act secretly from his parents. He can only pay it after he receives his afternoon earnings from busking.

Farel Prayoga Career Journey

With the help of TikTok, Farel Prayoga gained popularity after singing the song Ojo Dibandingke. Wanda tried to get in touch with him to record together again.

Despite having trouble getting in touch with Farel, Wanda and Farel could record a rendition of Cak Nan’s song, “Satru 2.” Wanda was taken aback by Farel’s already-formed vocals.

Farel sings every day to support his family’s finances. He learned to sing from a teenage musician named Wandra Restusiyan. Wandra supports and instructs Farel Prayoga’s vocals through a music academy called One Nada.

Farel Prayoga father
The Song Farel Prayoga Makes Ganjar Pranowo Smile. (Source: VOI)

Farel only took vocal lessons for three months, but his voice was already recognizable to Wanda. In 2019, Farel commenced taking music lessons.

Intending to help his son pursue a career as a professional singer, Farel’s Father enrolled him in a music program.

But the Covid-19 Pandemic forced him to cease. Wanda stopped teaching him after that. After some time had passed, Wanda noticed Farel had uploaded a movie to TikTok. His busking endeavors have become popular on TikTok.


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