Who Is Elliot Blair Wife Kim? Public Defender Family And Net Worth

American attorney Elliot Blair Wife became a trending topic after her husband lost his life in a tragic accident while celebrating their anniversary in Mexico.

Elliot Blair was a deputy public defender in Orange County, California, who died at 33 due to severe head trauma in a tragic accident on January 14, 2023.

The Defender was found dead on January 14 at the Las Rocas Resort in Rosarito Beach, a 45-mile drive south of San Diego, where he and his wife Kim were residing.

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As per CNN, Orange County Register released a statement claiming Elliot’s death could be the result of an unfortunate accident from a fall from a third-story floor.

Who Is Elliot Blair Wife Kim?

Elliot celebrated his wedding anniversary in Mexico when he met a life-taking accident.

The victim and Kim had been in the public Defender’s office in Orange County since 2017.

Elliot Blair Wife
Elliot Blair with his wife Wife while celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary(Source: KTLA)

Mexican authorities are yet to disclose details, but the circumstances surrounding Blair’s death remain unclear. 

In honor of Blair’s memory, Annie Rodriguez has set up a donation fundraiser organized by a colleague to help Blair’s wife with the “cumbersome process involved in transporting Elliot’s body from Mexico to the USA and dealing with all the red tape.

Mexican authorities suggested Elliot’s body cremation, but the family insisted his body not be cremated to conduct a thorough, complete, independent investigation.

What Was Public Defender’s Family React On His Death?

According to a family statement provided by their attorney, David Scarsone, deputy public defender died from “severe head trauma,” the liaison said, citing an autopsy.

Following his death, the attorney’s family revealed the case was sent to a local prosecutor for a possible homicide investigation.

Since Elliot’s family has extensive legal training in criminal law, based on their initial investigation, he might be the victim of a brutal crime.

Surpirgly, CNN confronts Elliot Blair’s family has not had contact with Mexican law enforcement about his death.

In addition, they claimed that perhaps going to hire a private firm to conduct an independent investigation, including toxicology.

Elliot Blair Wife
Elliot Blair’s family believes he was the victim of a brutal attack that Mexican authorities are trying to cover up.(Source:NYpost)

Although, an eyewitness claims Blair fell from the hotel’s fourth floor and may have been “under the influence of alcohol.”

His family maintains that foul play was involved, stating that no one from the Rosarito Beach Police Department or the Mexican government has reached out to speak to them. 

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How Much Was Elliot Blair’s Net Worth In 2023?

As of 2023, Elliot Blair’s net worth can be estimated at around $ 500,000 to $759,000.

According to  the median annual pay for a Public Defender in Orange is $116,786 yearly or approximately $56.15 an hour.

Per, the estimated pay for a Deputy Public Defender is $97,479 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $88,824 per year.

Elliot’s death seems fishy because he and his wife were no new to the accidental place.

They stayed at Las Rocas Resort and Spa on multiple occasions in the past five years and were very familiar with the layout of Las Rocas Resort and Spa, even with hallways and walkways.

Rosarito Beach Police Department’s investigation into the circumstances of Elliot’s death was insufficient; thus, the family feels compelled to conduct their private investigation in search of the truth.

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