Who Is Dr Ha Vu? Meet Sean Turnell Wife, Kids Family And Net Worth

Sean Turnell wife, Dr. Ha Vu. is also an economic lecturer. The married duo first met at Macquarie University. They don’t have any kids together.

Australian economist Sean Turnell served as State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi’s former economic policy advisor in Myanmar.

The honorable economics professor of Macquarie University is also a former member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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The Fiery Dragons: Banks author was arrested and spent 650 days (February 2021 to November 2022) in detention in Myanmar. He was accused of violating the country’s official secrets act.

Talking about his personal life Turnell is a married man. But who is Sean Turnell’s wife, Dr. Ha Vu? Let’s learn more about the economist’s marital life, family, kids, and professional life.

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Who Is Sean Turnell’s Wife, Dr. Ha Vu?

Sean Turnell shares a blissful marital life with Dr. Ha Vu. The adorable duo has not welcomed any kids together.

Sean Turnell Wife
Sean Turnell is happily married to Dr. Ha Vu, an economics lecturer at Macquarie University. (Image Source: The Guardian)

Sean Turnell’s wife is a Vietnamese Australian economics lecturer. The married duo first met at Macquarie University.

Although the couple’s marriage date is unknown, we can be assured that they have been together for a few decades.

In an interview with ABC, Ha Vu said, “It has been a year. In our wildest dream, we never thought we would face this kind of challenge.”

Her husband’s sudden arrest and year-long detention were something she had never imagined.

Along with other Macquarie University staff, the Vietnamese Australian economics lecturer never stopped campaigning for Turnell’s release.

The honorable professor was imprisoned for handling confidential information, the papers, or the information he needed as an economic adviser.

As a result, there was an extensive Campaign to free him. Moreover, Sean Turnell was released from the Maynmar jail on 17 November 2022 and returned to his home country the following day.

Finally, after two years the professor was united with his wife, family, and friends.

In an article, Tim Harcourt, an industry professor and chief economist said he took part in the Campaign to get Sean released as a fellow economist.

According to Harcourt, Christopher Lamb, and Nicholas Coppel, former ambassadors to Myanmar, they assisted Sean’s release Campaign.

Sean Turnell Family Background

His parents welcomed Sean Turnell in the South Western Sydney suburb. Born in a working-class family, he grew up in Macquarie Fields.

Sean Turnell Wife
Sean Turnell was born to a working-class family in 1964 (Image Source: Mizzima)

The economist earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and a Ph.D. from Macquarie University in Sydney. He had an illustrious career in Australia.

Sean Turnell’s Father, Peter Turnell, was invited to Whitlam’s House to celebrate Whitlam’s election as prime minister 50 years ago.

Among Sean’s accomplishments is the creation of “Burma Watch,” an influential publication of economic data and analysis on the Myanmar economy.

His book Fiery Dragons: Banks earned him international recognition as an expert on the subject.

Sean Turnell’s Net Worth

The net worth and salary of Sean Turnell haven’t been made public. However, during his career spanning over three decades, the economic advisor must have accumulated a significant sum.

According to Indeed, the annual salary of a Macquarie University professor or lecturer in Australia is approximately $116,622. Thus, Sean’s salary must be around that range.

Besides, his payment as an economic policy advisor and State Counsellor in Myanmar must also have been impressive.

Apart from that, the economist had previously worked as an analyst at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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