Who Is Diamond Bradley Mother Tracey Bradley? Father And Sister Tionda Bradley

A woman claimed to be one of the Bradley sisters who disappeared from their home over 20 years ago. Learn more about the incident and Diamond Bradley’s mother from this article.

In the summer of 2001, the Bradley sisters diamond3 years old, and TiondaAt the age of 10, he accidentally disappeared from the Southend apartment where his mother lived.

The infamous case, which went 22 years without a solid lead, sparked one of the most important missing person investigations in Chicago history.

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A strange Texas woman who claims to be a diamond when she grows up takes a DNA test to confirm it.

their great-grandmother Sherria Bradley-SmithHowever, with 12 hoaxes and false positives in the past, we know we need to proceed with caution.

Who are Diamond Bradley’s mother and father? Family Details

A three-year-old girl disappears from her mother’s apartment in Chicago. The boy was none other than Diamond Bradley.Diamond Bradley’s mother Tracy Bradley.

The incident happened in 1998.

However, the identity of Diamond’s father remains unknown.

Additionally, the details of Tracy’s personal life have not been made public. However, Diamond’s parents still want to see their daughter every day, which shows her parents’ affection for their daughter.

diamond bradley mother
Interview with Diamon Bradley’s mother Tracy Bradley (Source: USA TODAY)

The confident woman claims to be Diamond’s child, who has been missing for over 20 years, and this undoubtedly brings a glimmer of hope to Diamond’s parents’ lives, which could lead to a breakthrough in the disappearance case. there is no doubt that it is sexual.

The Bradley sisters are the subject of a series of photographs Damon Lamar Reed is called “still lookingHe also attended a wake rally to express his support.

Since meeting the Bradley family in 2020, Reed has attended their annual celebration.

Tracy Bradley is outpouring of love, support and hope that one day she will be reunited with her daughters.

Tracy said in an interview a few months ago that she remembered them in many ways.

Diamond Bradley’s mother said: “I pray every day. It’s hard not knowing where they are and not being able to touch them. I pray every day.”

Diamond Bradley Brothers: Sister Theonda Bradley

Tionda Bradley is the younger sister of Diamond Bradley, who disappeared from her mother’s apartment along with Diamond.

In 2001, she disappeared when she was ten years old. Therefore, we can assume that she was born in 1991.

diamond bradley mother
Tionda Bradley, 10, and Diamond Bradley, 3, missing July 6, 2001. (Source: NBC News)

According to Bradley Smith, the woman in the TikTok video claimed she didn’t know what had happened to Tionda, who had since gone missing.

The woman, who identified herself as Diamond, told her aunt Bradley Smith that she remembered spending time with Tionda in the car.

But she said she was taken away after that and never saw him again.

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Missing in Chicago apartment: Two sisters missing from mother’s home

In 2001, a toddler and a 10-year-old sister, Tionda, disappeared from their mother’s home.

When Tracy returns home, the house is quiet, and a note from what appears to be a young Tionda states that the two will go to the store and playground.

After a mother reported her two children missing, Chicago police said:Extensive searches of this area and surrounding communities have yielded negative resultsaccording to the FBI

A Texas woman who uses the video app TikTok is trying to identify herself as Diamond Bradley.

In the widely circulated video, a woman is asked to show a scar on her face after viewing a photo of Diamond and Tionda standing next to a police car in Harris County, Texas.

But over the years, a dozen people have claimed to be the missing sister. But Bradley Smith said this time it’s a little different.

Unlike other women, the woman provided a DNA sample to the FBI and underwent the FBI’s fingerprinting process.

Bradley Smith told the Daily Mail that the results of the investigation will come out sooner while the reports are being received.

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