Who Is David Onley Wife Ruth Onley? Kids Family And Net Worth

David Onley leaves behind his wife, Ruth, and their three sons. Learn in detail about his family.

The Canadian broadcaster and author served as the 28th lieutenant governor of Ontario (2007 to 2014). He was the province’s third longest-serving viceroy since Confederation.

Before his viceregal career, Onley was a television journalist working primarily as a weather reporter for Citytv and later covered science and technology stories.

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He later worked as a news anchor CablePulse 24 and hosted the weekly technology series Home Page.

Besides, Onley was a published author and the founding president of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada.

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Meet David Onley Wife, Ruth Onley, And Kids

David Onley is survived by his wife, Ruth Ann Onley, and their three children, Jonathan, Robert, and Michael.

David was married to Ruth, a Christian music performer. She was a proud and supportive wife to David.

After his death on January 14, 2023, tributes to David and condolences to his family have started pouring in.

Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell wrote in a statement, “It is with great sadness that I have learned of the death of the Honourable David C. Onley.” 

She then conveyed deep condolences to his wife, children, and extended family.

Ontario Lieutenant Governor official photographs
Former Lieutenant Governor David Oneley is pictured with his wife, Ruth. (Source: Pride News)

Likewise, Premier Doug Ford wrote that Onley “worked tirelessly to raise public awareness about accessibility issues, encouraging people ‘to see the ability, rather than the disability.’”

He praised Onley’s efforts for Ontario’s Indigenous peoples, contributions to the province, and commitment to public service.

Ford added that he wanted to send thoughts and prayers to his wife, Ruth Ann, and the entire Onley family on behalf of all Ontarians.

Similarly, Toronto Mayor John Tory also expressed condolences to Onley’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Additionally, he expressed gratitude for his “legacy of championing disability issues and fighting for accessibility for everyone.”

David Onley Family Background Explored

David Charles Onley was born in Midland, Ontario, Canada, and raised in West Hill on Orchard Park Drive in Scarborough.

Onley attended the University of Toronto Scarborough, where he served as student council president and graduated with a degree in political science.

From age three, he battled polio, causing partial paralysis. However, extensive physical therapy helped him regain the use of his arms and hands and partial use of his legs.

Onley could walk with leg braces and canes or crutches; he preferred to move using his electric scooter. He could drive a car using hand controls for accelerating and braking.

After his experience of childhood polio, Onley was diagnosed with a brain tumor in late 2019, which was successfully removed.

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David Oneley Net Worth Before Death

There is no official or verified source of David Oneley’s net worth online. 

He had a versatile career as a broadcaster, author, television journalist, and lieutenant governor.

David Onley net worth at death
David Onley leaves his mark: Goar. (Source: Toronto Star)

As a television journalist, Oneley worked primarily as a weather reporter for Citytv before covering science and technology stories.

Afterward, he worked with CablePulse 24 as a news anchor and the host of a weekly technology series, Home Page.

Besides, Oneley founded the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada.

He served as the 28th lieutenant governor of Ontario for seven years from 2007 to 2014, becoming the province’s third longest-serving viceroy since Confederation.

Only Albert Edward Matthews (1937–1946) and Oneley’s successor Elizabeth Dowdeswell (2014–present), have served longer.

Born on June 12, 1950, Oneley was 72 at the time of his death. The official cause of his death has not been revealed.

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