Who Is Cameron Sturgeon? Wikipedia And Age

Who is Cameron Sturgeon? The recent Louisville bank shooting has heightened the desperate need to learn more about the shooter’s family. If you want to know more, read on.

Cameron Sturgeon is an American model who appears to be affiliated with Next Management, a well-known modeling agency in New York City.

Sturgeon’s career as a model is going well. Meanwhile, the Sturgeon family is heartbroken over the death of family member Connor Sturgeon. Connor was the man shot dead in the recent Bank of Louisville shooting.

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Desperation ensued to find out more about his family. Cameron is Connor’s younger brother. If you want to know more about Cameron Sturgeon, brother of gunslinger Connor, read this article.

Who is Cameron Sturgeon?Look it up on Wikipedia

The official Wikipedia page does not have a biography of Cameron Sturgeon, but you can find out his profession and career from available online sources.

For those who don’t know Cameron, he’s a professional model working in New York City. Additionally, he worked for Next Management, a modeling agency in New York City.

cameron sturgeon
Cameron Sturgeon and his family, father, mother and brother. (Source: Daily Mail)

Additionally, he was previously a resident of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA. hello. Online searches now show that his brother was shot in a bank, killing four employees and injuring nine.

Additionally, Cameron is one of two sons of Todd Sturgeon and Lisa Sturgeon. His brother’s name was Connor.

Likewise, he is three years younger than his brother and they spent their childhood together in their birthplace. Talking about his personal career, besides basketball he is also interested in basketball.

Additionally, his father was a basketball coach at Floyd Knobbs Floyd Central High School in Lafayette Township, Floyd County from 2014-2022.

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Cameron Sturgeon’s Age and Birth Facts Revealed

Cameron Sturgeon is 23 years old. Details of his birth are yet to be revealed, but judging by his age, he is believed to have been born in the year 2000.

Likewise, he is also the son of Todd Sturgeon and Lisa Sturgeon. Cameron, one of his parents’ two sons, and his three-year-old brother died in Louisville after Connor opened fire on a bank, killing four employees and injuring nine others.

Connor Sturgeon
Brother of Cameron Sturgeon Conor Sturgeon’s resume was found on his LinkedIn profile. (Source: Facebook)

Not much is known about his family and personal life. Therefore, we can only share some information about Cameron at this time.

A model by profession, his father was a basketball coach at Floyd Central High School in Floyd Nobs.

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What did Cameron Sturgeon’s brother Connor do?

Cameron Sturgeon’s younger brother, Conor Sturgeon, was the gunman in the April 10, 2023 shooting at the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

Five people died in the shooting: Josh Barrick, Deanna Eckhart, Tommy Elliott, Julianna Farmer and Jim Tate.

Connor Sturgeon
Connor Sturgeon was involved in a mass shooting at a Louisville bank on Monday. (Source: New York Post)

The victims were all employees of the former National Bank. Shortly before the shooting, Connor shared the story on Instagram and informed his friends and family.

Police have yet to reveal a motive, but some sources say the firing of the bank may be behind the shooting.

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