Who Are Sheila Bellush Kids Stevie And Daryl? How Did He Ex-Husband Allen Blackthorne Die?

The second episode of “Blood and Money” has aired, telling stories about Sheila Belushi’s children, ex-husband and cause of death.

Sheila Belash, a young mother of six, was brutally murdered in her Sarasota, Florida, home in 1997.

On November 7, 1997, his 13-year-old daughter found Belushi’s body after returning home from school.

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Belushi’s story has also been the subject of several books and documentaries, including Aphrodite Jones’ The Perfect Husband: The Shocking True Story of the CIA’s Most Successful Investigation.

In addition to this, Blood and Money, produced by Dick Wolfe, was recently released.

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Who are Sheila Belash’s kids Stevie and Darryl?

Sheila Belash is married to Allen Blackthorne and has two daughters, Stevie and Darryl.

The couple divorced in 1987, and Allen fought for full custody of his daughters, but was unable to get it.

Sheila married for the second time in 1993 to Jamie Bellash. The couple had quadruplets in 1995. Frankie, Timmy, Joey and Courtney are good friends with her stepsisters Stevie and Darryl.

After marrying Jamie, he adopted two daughters from Helia and Allen Balthorne.

Sheila Belushi with her second husband and children before she died.
Sheila Belushi with her second husband and children before she died. (Image source: People)

Sheria’s daughters, though very young when she died, knew what their father had done, and young children said Sheria never called their father “Daddy.”

Stevie and Darryl take care of their younger siblings and share a strong bond with their stepfather.

No photos of them were shared after their mother was murdered. they kept a low profile.

How did her ex-husband Alan Blackthorne die?

Alan Blackthorne plotted the murder of his ex-wife Stevie, mother and wife of six children.

A lengthy investigation revealed that Blackthorn had hired an assassin to carry out the murder.

Ultimately, five people, including Blackthorn, were convicted in connection with the murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Several others, including the attacker, were also convicted of murder.

Alan Blackthorn, conspirator to kill ex-wife, dies in prison
Ex-Wife Murder Plot Alan Blackthorne Dies in Prison (Image Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Blackthorn, desperate to regain custody of the child, begins plotting her murder.

He died at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana at the age of 59.cause of his death .

Many sources confirm that it was a natural death and that he did not suffer from any illness, but no sources confirm the exact cause of death.

Blackthorn is a wealthy businessman with a history of violence and abuse towards Sheila, including multiple physical assaults and threats.

Sheila Belushi husband Jamie Belushi

Jamie Belash met Sheila Belash, started dating and got married in 1993. He’s excited to build her and her family.

Jamie supported her and adopted two children from a previous relationship.

Jamie and Sherria had quadruplets two years after their marriage. Frankie, Timmy, Joey, and Courtney grew up with their stepsisters.

Shelia’s second husband took part in the TV series “Blood and Money”. He spoke about the experience and the difficult times he faced after the murder.

Jamie has kept a low profile and hasn’t revealed much about his life after his wife’s death.

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