Who Are Sarah Spiers Parents? Father Carol Spiers And Mother Una Glennon

Who are Sarah Spears’ parents? Their grief is palpable when parents ask for information about their missing child.

Sarah Spears’ father talks about how his family is adjusting to the news. Bradley Robert Edwards was taken into custody and charged with two counts of murder.

Don Spiers claimed he had received advance warning from task force and had been contacted. Spears was the first of three women allegedly kidnapped in Claremont in the 1990s.

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The bodies of Ciara Glennon, 27, and Jane Rimmer, 23, were abandoned in the woods. Spears was 18 when she disappeared from a Perth suburb, and she has since disappeared.

Investigations into Spears’ death are still ongoing, police said. Let’s jump to the article and find out about Sarah Spears’ parents.

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Who are Sarah Spears’ parents? Father Carol Spears and mother Yuna Glennon

Sarah Spears is the parent of Carol Spears and Oona Glennon. The father of a woman who disappeared in the 1990s has broken her silence after Bradley Robert Edwards was detained and charged with murdering two people in an unsolved Claremont case.

Sarah Spiers, then 18 and a police suspect, was the first of three women kidnapped from Perth communities in the 1990s, Perth Now reports.

Don Spiers posted a video on Facebook on Friday, confirming that police have notified his family about the incident.

Sarah Spears parents
Sarah Spiers’ parents are Carol Spiers and Una Glennon. (Source: Western Australia)

Glennon appeared tearfully to the media at Washington State Police Headquarters and used the occasion to sharply criticize some media reports about his daughter’s murder.

He said the family has suffered a number of heartbreaking setbacks over the years, many of which were due to media insensitivity and “misreporting of situations with little or no legitimate public value or purpose.”

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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Holl convicted Bradley Robert Edwards in the murders of Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27, but convicted her of murdering her secretary Sarah Spiers, 18.

Between 1996 and 1997, three women disappeared during a night out in the affluent Claremont suburb of Perth.

Sarah’s bones were never found, but Ciara and Jane’s bones were eventually found in the countryside outside the city.

Sarah Spears parents
Sarah Spears’s photo. (Source: WA TODAY)

Because Sarah’s case lacked forensic evidence, most importantly DNA and fiber, linking the former Telstra technician to the first two women, Judge Hall ruled that the prosecution was unable to prove Sarah’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Instead, Bradley Edwards, whom the judge described as Sarah Spears’ “possible murderer,” had to be accepted by her family as a bittersweet concession.

In addition to the two murders, the 51-year-old is due in December for the 1995 rape of another teenage girl in Calacatta Cemetery and an earlier assault on a teenage girl in Huntingdale. Sarah’s lawsuit is still pending.

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