Who Are Richard Okorogheye Parents? Mother Evidence Joel and Father Newton Okorogheye

19-year-old Richard Okorogheye parents, Evidence Joel and Newton Okorogheye were devasted when they heard the news of their son’s death.

Richard Okorogheye was a student at Oxford Brookes University in his first year. He was a computer science student in the Cyber Security program. 

The young boy made headlines on the internet when he went missing from his home in west London on March 22, 2021, but Police reported on March 23.

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Sadly, the dead body of Richard was found on April 5 in an Epping Forest pond. It is reported that the Police department didn’t take the missing case seriously.

The Metropolitan Police instructed the Independent Office for Police Conduct to issue an apology; however, despite this, Richard’s mother remained steadfast in her refusal to accept the apology.

She expressed her disappointment that none of the three officers and three staff members responsible for the incident would face disciplinary proceedings.

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Who Are Richard Okorogheye Parents? Evidence Joel & Newton Okorogheye

Evidence Joel and Newton Okorogheye are the parents of the late boy Richard Okorogheye. Richard was close to his parents and shared a strong bond with his mother, Evidence.

Richard Okorogheye Parents
Richard Okorogheye Parents talked about their son in an interview. ( Source: The News Distin )

Richard was the only child of his parents and didn’t have siblings. When the Okorogheye family heard the news of their son’s passing, they all shattered.

Richard’s mother has openly talked about the Police department as they neglected the missing case of her son.  criticized the Police’s handling of the case, claiming they were not taken seriously following his disappearance.

Richard Okorogheye Mom Evidence Joel Tribute to Her Son

Richard Okorogheye’s mother, Evidence Joel, recently appeared in , where she made a heartbreaking tribute to her son.

Joel spoke to hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid about the pain of losing her son. Despite being aware of her son’s serious blood condition, and sickle cell anemia, the Police did not take his disappearance seriously, raising concerns about their commitment to ensuring public safety.

Richard Mother
Richard’s mother, Evicende Joel, talked on GBM. ( Source: My London )

On the GMB segment about Police racism, Evidence’s son became visibly emotional while speaking. Joel admitted that she misses her son every day and said that he was the only child she had.

Evidence expressed feeling ignored by the Police due to her skin color and accent during the segment. 

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Richard Okorogheye Cause of Death: Missing Details

Richard Okorogheye was a student who went missing on March 22, 2021. His disappearance sparked a massive search effort by Police and volunteers, and his family made numerous appeals for information on his whereabouts.

Sadly, on April 5, 2021, Richard’s body was found in a pond in Epping Forest, Essex, UK, around 20 miles from his home. The cause of Richard Okorogheye’s death has not been officially confirmed.

Still, the Metropolitan Police have stated that the post-mortem examination found no evidence of physical trauma or assault. They are treating his death as unexplained but not suspicious.

Richard Okorogheye
Richard Okorogheye was a young student whose dead body was found on April 5, 2021. ( Source: My London )

Richard had sickle cell disease, which can cause complications and affect his mobility. He was also known to have left his home without his medication or phone, which could have put him at risk.

The Police have stated that they do not believe anyone else was involved in his disappearance and death. Not to mention, Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder that alters the shape and function of red blood cells.

Specifically, it causes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen in the blood, to be produced. This abnormal hemoglobin causes the usually round and flexible red blood cells to become rigid and sickle-shaped, which can lead to various complications.

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