Who Are Kelly Catlin Parents Mark Catlin And Carolyn Emory? Why DId American Cyclist Suicide?

After Kelly Catlin committed suicide, athlete mental health finally gained attention from her parents.

At the age of 23, Olympic track cyclist Kelly Catlin committed suicide. Catlin was a graduate student at Stanford University studying computational and mathematical engineering when she won the silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. 

She was also a three-time team pursuit world champion exists.

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Kelly brought her three violins, her medals from national and international competitions, her notebooks from graduate-level mathematics classes, and her training bike from the 2016 Olympics into the room.

Kelly Catlin struggled with her demons but lacked the tools to understand that striving for perfection was not her only option.

Kelly Catlin Parents: Meet Mark Catlin And Carolyn Emory

Kelly Catlin was born to her parents, Mark Catlin And Carolyn Emory.

Mark and Carolyn moved Kelly’s belongings into her childhood bedroom at the family farm outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, in the months following her suicide in March 2019. 

The door was shut, and Mark and Carolyn stored their daughter’s belongings. The space remained empty for two years as they mourned Kelly’s passing and tried to move on with their lives.

Mark and Carolyn finally unlocked Kelly’s bedroom door in 2019 and have since started organizing Kelly’s cycling equipment for donation to a nearby Minnesota historical society.

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By some strange coincidence, this project began at the same time as the 2021 Olympics, and Kelly’s fellow Americans on the track cycling team were competing for medals in Tokyo, half a world away.

Why Did Kelly Catlin Commit Suicide?

The reason behind Kelly Catlin’s suicide has been disclosed by her Father, hoping that lessons can be learned to avoid future tragedies.

He published a document outlining the sequence of events leading up to the passing of his daughter, along with an analysis of the factors he believes may have contributed to it.

Kelly Catlin 3
Friends and family mourn during Kelly Catlin’s funeral. (Source: ackermangruber)

Mark attributes her suicide to several causes, which include her success-at-all-costs personality, overtraining, stress, and physical injuries from a January suicide attempt.  She breathed in poisonous gas on both occasions.

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Catlin’s family thinks a traumatic event that was initially misdiagnosed and may have happened during a training ride crash in January 2019 was a significant contributing factor to her depression.

Kelly Catlin Parents Remember Painful Memories

Mark and Carolyn have been able to recall events from Kelly’s life after the 2016 Olympics due to watching the Games.

Kelly Catlin.
Catlin (right) at the 2018 UCI world championships, where she won bronze in the Individual Pursuit. (Source:

Her greatest accomplishment in cycling came that year when Kelly took home silver in the Team Pursuit. The Americans were the reigning world champions and favorites to win gold at the 2016 Olympics. 

Some of the team’s riders were disappointed when they lost to Great Britain in the final. With Kelly, that wasn’t the case.

Kelly was surprised by Mark and Carolyn at the Olympic championships after they had traveled to Rio de Janeiro. She made the most of every chance after the race to display the medal and interact with fans.

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Whatever the reasons, Mark and Carolyn agree that their daughter lacked access to enough resources to help her develop a healthy perspective on her desire for success. Her stoic exterior was impenetrable to family and friends.

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