Who Are George Anthony And Cindy Anthony? Are Casey Anthony Parents Linked With Her Daughters Death

The world was shocked when Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her daughter. Casey Anthony Parents had to cope with the accusations of their granddaughter’s death. 

Anthony’s case has left more questions than answers. So, her trials became one of the most famous trials of the century.

Casey will tell her side of the narration in the docu-series titled Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies. 

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The docu-series will debut on 29 November 2022 in a three-part series. Similarly, Peacock took the streaming responsibility for the series.

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Meet Casey Anthony Parents: Father George Anthony & Mother Cindy Anthony

Casey Anthony was born to George Anthony and Cindy Anthony in Florida. Her parents, George and Cindy, still live in the same House in Orlando, Florida, where they raised Casey.

Casey Anthony Parents George Anthony And Cindy Anthony
Casey Anthony’s Parents George Anthony and Cindy Anthony gave an interview about their daughter. (Source: Distractify)

Likewise, Casey and her daughter Caylee also used to live there.

Reportedly, Casey’s mother, Cindy, said that Caylee (her granddaughter) went missing on 15 July 2008. Cindy noted that Casey left the family with her granddaughter for about a month.

Similarly, the grandparents, George and Cindy, tried to contact Caylee, but allegedly Casey would not allow them.

Unfortunately,  were found in an isolated jungle area about a mile from the family home.

Up until the accusation, George and Cindy Anthony stood by Casey, expecting to get to the reason for their granddaughter’s disappearance.

Casey’s parents had to cope with their daughter’s accusations and the death of their grandchild at the same time.

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Are Casey Anthony’s Parents Linked With Her Daughter’s Death

Casey’s parents were later accused of Caylee’s death. Although the concerned authorities never considered the grandparent’s suspects, Casey claimed that her Father, George was with Caylee when she died.

George and Cindy Anthony were not considered to be covering up for Casey during the trial. Also, the two were not seen as suspects.

Casey Anthony Parents George And Cindy Anthony
George And Cindy Anthony became emotional after their daughter, Casey Anthony’s accusations. (Source: People)

However, George rejected the allegation put forward by his daughter.

Moreover, Casey’s legal team claimed throughout the trial that she was sexually assaulted by her Father, George.

Also, her legal team believed that Caylee had mysteriously drowned, and George disposed of Caylee’s remains.

Although these severe accusations never led to charges, the false emotions caused George to attempt suicide. After the unsuccessful attempt, he reported:

I guess I didn’t have much alcohol and I didn’t take sufficient pills.

Sources claim that Cindy (mother) and Casey (daughter) were not on talking terms for years. But, the two recently began small communications.

George wrote a letter to Casey in 2019, hoping to have good terms with his daughter. The Father reached out to his daughter to visit him after a near-fatal car crash.

Also, he mentioned seeing Casey in person and told her that she was still his daughter no matter what. It looks like Casey’s parents want to move past the family tragedy.

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