Who Are Bob Lee Kids Dagny And Scout? Why Was CEO Of Cas App Killed? Stabbed Video

There has been interest in learning more about Bob Lee’s children and family since he was found dead Tuesday.

Bob Lee, the founder of CashApp and former Chief Technology Officer of Square, was stabbed to death near downtown San Francisco on Tuesday.

Surveillance footage seen by the San Francisco Standard showed Lee walking down a deserted alley asking for help.

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News of his death has broken and condolences have been sent to his family and close friends.

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Who are the Bob Lee Kids, Dagney and Scout?

Lee has two daughters. , and his ex-wife Krista. Scouts are around 14 years old.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Christa moved to San Francisco with Lee in 2011 and still lives in the Bay Area with her two children.

Information regarding the couple’s separation is unknown, and the pair have not publicly shared the status of their separation. Bob’s relationship with his daughters remains strong even after his separation from his wife Krista.

Pictured is Bob Lee with his two daughters.
Pictured is Bob Lee with his two daughters. (Image source: New York Post)

There is no information regarding his relationship status after separating from his partner. It is not known if he was in a romantic relationship at the time of his death.

Bob’s relationship with his father, Rick, grew even stronger in 2019, when the two moved to Mill Valley, California following the death of Bob’s mother.

Bob Lee’s family and children: Square CTO is father of two daughters

Why Cash App CEO Was Killed? Stabbing Video

The motive for killing Cash App’s chief executive has not been disclosed. An investigation is ongoing and the reasons behind the murder may soon be revealed.

A 43-year-old man was taken to a hospital with suspected stabbing injuries after being called to San Francisco police at 2:35 a.m. on Tuesday after a stabbing occurred near Rincon Hill, where he later died.

Lee was found unconscious with two stab wounds to the chest near Rincon Hill.

Paramedics responded and rushed him to San Francisco General Hospital, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

according to Lee was attending a leadership summit in San Francisco that day and had planned to stay a few more nights to meet friends.

Soha Zadeh was seen mourning Bob Lee's death and leaving flowers near where he was stabbed.
Soha Zadeh was seen mourning Bob Lee’s death and leaving flowers near where he was stabbed. (Image source: New York Post)

Lee’s brother Tim Oliver Lee and his father took to Facebook to express their deep sorrow and loss.

“I just lost my best friend, son Bob Lee, who died on the streets of San Francisco early Tuesday morning,” Rick’s father wrote, thanking those who reached out. ”

A year after his mother died, Bob had a good relationship with his father, supporting each other in all situations.

San Francisco police have not identified a suspect in Lee’s death, and the investigation continues, but no arrests have yet been made.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins tweeted the whistleblower complaint, stressing that the city will not tolerate such violence.

“We will not tolerate such horrific acts of violence in San Francisco.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed issued a statement expressing his condolences over the death of Bob Lee and reminding residents that public safety is the city’s top priority.

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