Who Are Akanksha Dubey Brothers Hariom And Aditya Dubey? Age Gap And Family

People are curious about Akan’s Keshadube brothers, Halim and Aditya Dube. After the news broke of Akankesha Dube’s brother’s death, they wanted to know how she was doing.

Actor, dancer, social media influencer and YouTuber Akansha Davey hails from Bhojpur.

She is known for appearing in music videos for Kamar Ek Number, Raja Jawan, Hum Laika, and Kamriya to much acclaim.

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She has a large following on her social media pages and YouTube channel. A native of her Uttar Pradesh state, she started her acting career by posting videos of her dances and performances on her TikTok as well as her Instagram.

She has appeared in over 25 films, most of them with big names in the film industry. Besides Bhojpuri, she also tried to appear in various local language films.

Now, after her death, there is even more curiosity about Brother Akankesha Dube and her other personal and professional details.

Who are Akankesha Dubey brothers Hariom and Aditya Dubey?their age difference

Speaking of Akantha Dubey siblings, she has two siblings named Hari Om Dubey and younger brother Aditya Dubey. Acanta died at the age of just 25.

Now her brother is also a college student. Akankesha said her brother plans to finish her studies next year and get married.

Akanksha Dubey was born in Vindyachal, Mirzapur, Akanksha Dubey (Uttar Pradesh). She immigrated to Mumbai with her parents when she was three years old.

Akankesha Dolby Brothers
Akankesha Dube’s siblings are Hariom Dube and Aditya Dube. (Source: Instagram)

Akanksha Dubey’s family wanted her to become an IPS employee, but she chose to pursue a career in acting and dance after watching television and becoming interested in acting and dance activities.

Her mother was a homemaker and her father ran a business in Mumbai. Akansha Davey is studying Intermediate in a school in Mumbai.

Akanksha Davey said she had a friend named ‘Pushpanjali Pandey’ who helped her pursue a career in this field. Badhi district of Uttar Pradesh is her hometown of Akanksha Dubei.

Akentha Dube Family

Akanksha Davey’s family is small. Her family is her parents, two brothers and herself.

‘Hari Om Dubey’ is her older brother and ‘Aditya Dubey’ is her younger brother. Her brother is now in school and her father works as a mill contractor.

Akanksha Davey started her acting career by sharing mostly performance and dance videos on TikTok and Instagram, where she posts frequently.

Her notoriety grew quickly after her videos went viral and gained more social media followers. Currently, over 1.7 million people follow her.

She has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs about travel and lifestyle. She started her YouTube channel in 2016.

Bhojpuri actress Acanta Dube allegedly committed suicide

Bhojpuri performer Akanksha Dhabei allegedly committed suicide on Sunday. She was found in a hotel room near Sarnath, Varanasi.

Reports say she is filming in Varanasi. Police reported the incident to her family.

Born on October 21, 1997, Akanksha started his career on TikTok and Instagram. Her fans love to watch videos of her dancing and performing.

She got her first break in the industry thanks to Asi Tiwari joining SRK Music Project for Bhojpuri’s album. She then appeared in three or four more films.

Akankesha Dolby Brothers
Akankesha Dube was born in Vindhyachar, Mirzapur. (Source: Instagram)

The actor posted a photo on Instagram before he passed away on Saturday. She sang Pawan Singh’s “Ala Kabi Hala Nahi” as her final song.

A few weeks ago on Valentine’s Day, Akankesha received media attention when she revealed about her relationship with Samar Singh on Instagram.

She posted a photo of herself and Samar Singh’s co-star with a simple message, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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