Where Is Graham Dickason Now? Meet His Parents And Family Ethnicity

Where is Graham Dickason now? Dickasons’ wife, Lauren, murdered her daughters Karla, Maya and Liane. Dig more to explore his parents and family. 

Graham Dickason is currently in the media limelight after his wife, Lauren Dickason, became the news heading for murdering three daughters. 

Apart from the controversy, he is a qualified medical professional and an orthopedic surgeon. The incident shocked him after he returned from a work dinner to find his children dead.

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Graham shared with the officials regarding the mental health of his wife. He added that she was struggling with motherhood but had no intention she was capable of killing.

Currently, people are searching for Grahams’ parents and family details, which have been shared below!

Where Is Graham Dickason Now?

Graham Dickason is the husband of Lauren Dickason, who has been found guilty of murdering her three young kids in September 2021.

Recently, Lauren was found guilty, and following the announcement, online users have been asking questions about the current status of her husband Dickason.

Since the incident happened, Graham has kept himself far from the media. In the same way, he has not come forward in the media. Due to the lack of information, it remains unclear where Dickason is now.

Graham Dickason now
Graham Dickason has kept himself away from the media limelight. (Source: Daily Mail)

It is believed that Graham is keeping himself low-key and is still mourning the loss of his kids, whom he had with his wife Lauren.

Additionally, Graham has talked about his wife in an interview in the past. During a three-hour police interview in the past, where he quietly tried to make sense of it the incident.

As people are eager to know more about his current life, the verified media sources may give some updates in the coming years.

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Meet Graham Dickason Parents

For the past few days, Graham Dickason has been making headlines, and netizens are also eager to know about his parents.

As said earlier, Graham has kept himself low-key and due to his private nature, it becomes pretty challenging to know about his personal life. In the same way, the names of his father and mother remain unclear.

The media sources have also not covered any info about Grahams’ early and family background.

Moreover, he became media prominence after being recognized as the husband of Lauren Dickason.

Graham Dickason family
Graham Dickason’s wife Lauren Dickason was found guilty of murdering her three children in a majority verdict. (Source: RNZ)

According to a report by Daily Mail, the Dickason couple moved to New Zealand with their three daughters after Graham accepted a job as an orthopedic surgeon at Timaru Hospital.

Lauren reportedly killed their daughters, and she received backlash on the internet. Graham later said he had forgiven his wife and felt she was also a victim.

He also urged others to forgive and pray for his wife at a vigil attended by dozens of families in Timaru.

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Graham Dickason Family And Ethnicity Explored

Graham Dickasons’ family and ethnicity are among people’s search. As of now, the actual ethnic background of Graham remains unclear.

Everything related to his family background and personal life remains under investigation, and some updates may get updated in the future.

Additionally, Graham and his wife Lauren have been married for 15 years.

Graham Dickason family
Graham Dickason with his wife and three kids was killed by his wife, Lauren Dickason. (Source: Head Topics)

When the duo moved to New Zealand with their kids, they moved into housing for medical professionals near the Timaru Hospital.

Before that, they lived in South Africa and had to spend two weeks in a quarantine hotel run by the military.

The family was shocked when it was confirmed that three kids of the duo were killed by their own mother.

Graham returned home just before 10 pm on the night his kids died and found their daughters’ bodies.

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