Where Is Chris Street Girlfriend Kim Vinton Klinedinst Now? Death And Obituary

Learn everything about Chris Street Girlfriend Kim Vinton Klinedinst, via this article.

Christ Street is an American college basketball player who died in an automobile crash during his junior year at Iowa on January 19, 1993. 

After thirty years of his death, a documentary about his life was out; B1 G Story: Chris Street‘s premiere was on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

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The documentary involved everything you need to learn about his life before death.

After the documentary trailer was out on Fox Sports, people have been raising more questions about his life. 

Along with Street’s career in basketball, he was good at baseball and football during high school.

Street moved to Indianola, Iowa, in the fall of 1987 with his family.

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Where Is Chris Street Girlfriend Kim Vinton Klinedinst Now?

Kimberly Vinton was in the passenger seat during the crash and survived.

In 2018, she mentioned she always remembered her first love and the tragic case they faced.

Following the incident, Chris Street’s girlfriend mentioned they had been together since their sophomore year at Indianola High School.

Street was driving Vinton to a night class on the night of the accident.

He came out for her after finishing having a meal with his teammates at the Highlander Supper Club.

Kim was not found in good condition during the case; she was sent to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for treatment.

Chris Street Girlfriend
Chris Street’s legacy remains powerful 30 years after his death. (Image Source: Hawk Central)

She had a punctured lung, a separated shoulder, and broken ribs. Kim recovered from all of that and has been living a healthy life.

Kim has often mentioned not being able to be with her first love; she shared his documentary on her social media and said she misses him every day.

And she moved to Des Moines after graduating from high school.

Klinedist shared she felt uncomfortable for a long time, as she was known as the girl who had an accident with her boyfriend. 

Kim mentioned after moving to a different place and starting a new life was easy for her than being in the city.

Chris Street Death And Obituary

On January 19, 1993, Chris Street died when his driving car collided with a snowplow. He was with his girlfriend, who survived. 

The basketball player died a few days before his 21st birthday, and he was born on February 2, 1972.

The young man’s funeral was organized three days after his death.

His grave is at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery in Warren County, Iowa.

Chris Street Death And Obituary
Documentary about Chris Street’s fatal snowplow collision. (Image Source: The Focus)

The Find A Grave website displays digital flowers and candles people have left for him.

The recent one was held on January 16, 2023, after releasing his life documentary.

Everyone was getting Chris’ memory since the documentary was made to tribute to him after thirty years of his death.

His family and parents shared about it in public as well.

Although the ledge is not present, his memories are always with us. Also, the documentary reflected Chris’ life thirty years ago, and he would have been 51 if he had been alive.

You can watch the documentary, B1G Story: Chris Street, in different online sources and portals.

With the remembrance of the basketball player who met a car accident, you can watch the documentary and learn more about him. 

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