Where Is Carly Cassady Going? Is Meteorologist Leaving Fox 31 KDVR?

Where is Carly Cassady going? Carly Cassady appears on Daybreak at 6 am on weekdays and the FOX31 Morning News at 8 am.

Carly hails from the Kansas suburb of Lenexa, next to Kansas City. She grew up in all kinds of weather but still hasn’t seen a tornado up close. She intends to go tornado chasing someday.

She played on the women’s team all four years while attending school and playing soccer at the University of Memphis in Tennessee, where they won the conference title.

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With a focus on meteorology and a B.S. in geography, Carly majored in broadcast journalism and Spanish.

Carly keeps working toward her Certified Broadcast Meteorologist certification by completing her online courses at Mississippi State.

Most notably, she began her career as a reporter and weekend meteorologist at KMVT in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Later, she worked as a meteorologist at KBTX Media from February 2016 to April 2018. From June 2018 to July 2020, she also served as a meteorologist at WXII12 News.

She is an anchor on Daybreak every weekday morning at 6 am. She also appears on the FOX31 Morning News at 8 am.

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Where Is Carly Cassady Going?

Where is  going? She mentioned that this was her last week working at FOX31/CH2 and in TV news as she revealed this bittersweet news.

She’s had this as her dream job since she was 7, and she’s so happy she got it.

But as ambitions, values, and worth evolve, she must admit that she is even more pleased with her for paying attention to and believing in her inner voice.

Where Is Carly Cassady Going
People are curious to know where Is Carly Cassady going after leaving KDVR. (Source: KDVR)

Everyone who assisted her in getting here and getting through this change has been appreciated. The finest aspect of this experience has been all the people they’ve met and the connections they’ve formed.

She expressed her joy about staying in Denver and promised to reveal more during her final performances on August 5.

She has yet to make it obvious where she is heading, but we will be informed as soon as she provides any information. You can find one of the last forecasts here: .

Is Meteorologist Leaving Fox 31 KDVR?

Yes, she is leaving Fox 31, as she has mentioned on her Facebook account. She began her career as a reporter and weekend meteorologist at KMVT in Twin Falls, Idaho.

She also completed more online coursework at Mississippi State to earn the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist certification.

Carly then worked at KBTX in College Station, Texas, for over two years. Carly then relocated to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she worked as WXII’s weekend morning meteorologist.

Carly obtained her CBM seal (#816) in February 2019. Molly is the name of Carly’s dog. She is a Dalmatian adopted in 2015 from Fort Collins’ Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado.

They enjoy hiking together and are eager to discover Colorado’s trails. Carly is eager to forecast for the shifting weather in Denver.

Where Is Carly Cassady Going
American meteorologist Carly Cassady is presently a member of the Pinpoint Weather staff. (Source: Genmiles)

She has family here and has previously visited Denver, Steamboat, Vail, and the surrounding areas for vacation and soccer, but she is happy to call these places her own, finally.

She made her dream happen and has eight years of experience as an experienced meteorologist and communications professional. She is skilled in public speaking, writing, content creation, and weather forecasting under daily deadlines.

She has strong public and media relations with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Meteorology, Journalism/Broadcast from the University of Memphis.

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