What Was Ken Block Religion? Family Ethnicity And Origin

The horrific untimely demise of a Monster World Rally Driving Member in a Car crash has captivated the attention of his fans towards Ken Block Religion. Check out more about his beliefs, origin and ethnicity via this article.

Monster World Rally Team Member Kenneth Paul Block, usually known as Ken Block, got killed in a snowmobile accident on January 2, 2022.

Besides racing, Ken co-founded D.C. Shoes and shifted his concentration towards Hoonigan Industries, an auto-fans apparel line, after surrendering his stake in D.C. Shoes.

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Despite being a professional level Rally Driver and active participant in the Hoonigan Racing Division, he enjoyed skating, snowboarding, and motocross.

Ken, one of the most experienced and well-known rally drivers in the whole world, has been competing since the mid-2000s and has received the top spot numerous times.

What Was Ken Block Religion?

Ken Block follows Christianity, according to reliable sources.

The California native has not revealed his beliefs and faith in the media. Google claims that most California netizens are Catholics, the most prominent religious family.

Fans loved Ken for Gymkhana stunt driving videos which took him to BBC’s Top Gear on his way to becoming a highly respected and popular member of the motoring community.

Ken Block Religion
Ken Block with kids for Christmas celebration. (Source: Instagram)

 In 2015, the racer appeared in Need for Speed video game as the style icon, and his Hoonigan-branded cars have also been featured in Microsoft’s  racing video game series.

Ken was a familiar name in Global RallyCross Championship, Rally America, World RallyCross Championship, and World Rally Championship.

Ken Block Illness Before Death: What Happened To American Rally Driver? Died In Snowmobile Accident

Ken Block Family: Is His Daughter Also Racer?

Ken, the deceased racer, is survived by his wife Lucy Block, their daughter Lia, 16, and her two siblings, whose names are yet unknown.

As per BBCthe race car driver was survived by his three children and wife. However, his kids are staying away from the media limelight.

Regrettably, Ken had kept his parental details out of sight of the media. Also, info nation about his siblings is unavailable.

Ken’s wife, Lucy, owns her business, Luna’s Kitchen, and she started her own business in 2017.

Ken Block Religion
Ken Block With His Wife, Lucy Block, At Award Show(Source: Geniusceleb)

The rally driver and Lucy tied their know in 2004 after dating for several years.

On April 23, 2033, the racer posted a video on his Instagram handle with his wife and daughter Lia for gravel-slaying action racing for Olympus Rally.

His daughter, Lia, competed in her first rally race at 11 years. She began off well in the Lucas Off-Road Racing Series, driving UTVs.

Ken Block Ethnicity And Origin

The 55-year racer, Ken, was born on November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California, U.S.

The former D.C. co-founder belongs to the American nationality, and his ethnicity is also American.

TMZ confirmed the 55-year-old rally car driving champion and action sports star died following a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Woodland, Utah.

The Wasatch County sheriff’s department reported that the racer had been riding in the Mill Hollow area when his snowmobile upended a steep slope at around 2:00 pm and landed on top of him. 

To promote the 2017 Ford Raptor, Ken Block has made a minor appearance on the Motortrend show called Ignition with Jonny Lieberman.

Though Ken is no more, fans will forever note the racer in the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts and his admirers. 

Ken Block Wife Lucy Block And Kids Mourns The Death Of Their Loved Ones

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