What Is The Name Of Savannah Grant Boyfriend? Woman Served 20 Years For Throwing Acid

Savannah Grant was sentenced to 20 years in prison for throwing acid on her boyfriend’s secret girlfriend. What is the name of Savannah Grant’s boyfriend?

Savannah Grant became an Internet sensation yesterday after posting one of her interviews on her YouTube channel UNWINEWITHTASHAK.

Grant, who recently received media attention for his actions 20 years ago, justified how and what caused the incident in the same interview.

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Similarly, Grant has received a number of hateful comments, people shocked by her justification, but many of them because she’s already ruined someone’s life for 20 years saying she doesn’t need to defend the whole situation.

Grant appears to feel no guilt or shame about what he has done to the woman, and in the same interview, interviewees reported that the acid victim was blinded and burned much of his face.

What is Savannah Grant’s boyfriend name?

As soon as people found out about Savannah Grant, people wanted to know more about her boyfriend, including his name and other details that created confusion between the two women.

The internet is full of people Savannah has a crush on, so in the same interview Grant mentions that his name is Anton. However, there is not much information about Anton’s situation at this time and he has never faced the media or spoken publicly about the incident.

Savannah Grant
Interviewed by Savannah Grant. (Source: YouTube)

Anton recently received a lot of attention after people made hateful comments about Anton while he was hanging out with two women, which resulted in one woman being jailed for 20 years and the other going blind.

As the case is in the public eye, more updates are likely to come out in the coming days, and we may be able to see and learn who Anton really is.

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Savannah Grant sentenced woman to 20 years for acid-throwing charge

Savannah Grant, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for throwing acid on her lover, is now well known. Her victim was the mother of American football players DeAndre Hopkins and Sabrina Greenlee.

The incident happened in 2002 and she was released after serving 20 years in prison. Similarly, Grant also pleaded guilty to assault and assault with intent to murder. She was sentenced to 20 years in a South Carolina prison.

Savannah’s friends told her about her boyfriend and Sabrina’s relationship. However, Grant was unaware of the situation between the two.

One day, Savannah receives a phone call from Sabrina’s house, and the two get into a heated argument. From the comfort of their home, Savannah Grant and her boyfriend are interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Savannah intuitively recognized the visitor as Sabrina, and she did not hesitate to urge her partner not to answer.

You can watch while interviewing .

More about Sabrina Greenlee

In 2002, Sabrina Greenlee was doused with acid by Savannah Grant at the age of 30. In addition to this incident, she was also known as the mother of American football player DeAndre Hopkins.

greenlee is Three weeks after the attack, she was completely blind in her right eye. Her sources say she lost about 40 percent of the vision in her left eye.

Savannah Grant
Sabrina Greenlee and son Deandre Hopkins. (Source: Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, Grenell wasn’t able to attend the Hopkins game. But she never missed a match.

She will also star in a Sam Bailey-directed film written by Kristen Buckley, Variety reports.

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