Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Gamer?

People want to know about Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia and age details. Viorenita “VIOR” Sutanto is an Indonesian player who last played for ONIC Esports.

Nitavior has succeeded in capturing the attention of Mobile Legends fans.

This rising star has received widespread exposure by serving as the prestigious ONIC Esports team’s brand ambassador.

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Nitavior’s presence has enthralled Esports fans, especially male fans who appreciate her for her beautiful appearance and alluring demeanor.

It’s interesting to note how many rumors have surfaced connecting Nitavior to REKT, a well-known member of the Evos Legends squad.

The gaming world is curious and intrigued about the emerging connection between these two personas. Read this article to learn more about Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia and age details.

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Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia and biography details can be found all over the internet. She hails from Indonesia’s Jakarta.

Viorenita Susanto, also known online as Nitavior, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 26, 1999.

She is 24 years old right now. Prasetya Mulya University is where she earned her bachelor’s degree in finance and banking. Nitavior follows the Catholic religion.

Despite being a Jakarta native, Nitavior has mixed Indonesian and South Korean ancestry.

Her remarkable attractiveness, which has captured the hearts of Esports fans, especially male followers, may have something to do with her diversified upbringing.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competitive player who is popular on social media from Indonesia. She was a team member for ONIC Esports.

Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia
Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia details and biography can be found online. (Source: Liquipedia)

She has amassed over 3.5 million followers on her Violetorca TikTok account, where she performs dance routines. Before she started competing in esports, she was a commercial model.

She publishes gaming-related videos on her Nitavior YouTube channel, where she has amassed more than 600,000 subscribers. On One Esports, she was mentioned in a piece about toxic internet communities.

Her most recent TikTok video frequently receives hundreds of millions of views in less than a day due to her strong social media presence.

A few of her TikTok videos have also amassed millions of views. Rivaldi Fatah is another esports player from Indonesia.

Career Details And Scandal Rumor Of Viorenita Sutanto

Nitavior became well-known after joining the ONIC Esports team. Her involvement with this well-known Esports organization propelled her into the public eye. Nitavior also enjoys playing Mobile Legends, a well-known game.

A viral video that has gained enormous online popularity has stirred up a storm surrounding Nitavior. Many online surfers are currently watching this video since it is trending.

The scandal’s specifics spark a lot of interest and discourse among online users anxious to learn more.

People frequently desire to know more about the content of the videos they see online. In this instance, the video contained some explicit scenes.

Beyond her talent in video games, Nitavior maintains a regular presence on Instagram under the handle @nitavior.

There are 42 postings on her Instagram account, which has a sizable following of 1.4 million users. If you follow her account, there will be much content to scroll through and interact with.

Viorenita Sutanto wikipedia
Viorenita “VIOR” Sutanto is an Indonesian player who last played for ONIC Esports. (Source: DailySia)

However, finding Nitavior’s video actively is difficult for social media users who need to learn how to look for it. This video hasn’t received any social media promotion, in contrast to earlier ones.

There are only a few adult-content websites where individuals can find it. People’s alternatives are constrained as a result, which makes leaving the situation difficult.

There have been lively comments about the viral Nitavior video on numerous social media sites. People are utilizing hashtags associated with the video, which is drawing a lot of interest.

Users actively participate in spirited discussions, express their ideas, and demand that those in conflict accept responsibility.

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