Victoria Road Accident At West Ryde Cause Traffic Delays

An accident on West Ryde’s Victoria Road forced authorities to close the road in both directions.

A recent crash on West Ryde’s Victoria Road caused traffic chaos. A bus and car collided on a road in northwest Sydney on Monday.

The accident reportedly cut power lines and caused traffic delays. The incident occurred shortly after 3:00 pm on May 22, 2023.

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Motorists are instructed to stay away from the area. A video of the accident scene has also spread online.

Victoria Road is one of the longest roads in Sydney, Australia. This road connects Parramatta and Roselle.

If you want to know more about the current situation on Victoria Road, read on.

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Crash on West Ryde’s Victoria Road Causes Traffic Delay

As previously reported, on Monday (May 22, 2023), a bus collided with a passenger car at West Ride, causing traffic chaos. A crash in Victoria has caused a traffic jam and people are being advised to avoid the road.

New South Wales Police confirmed there were no passengers on the bus.

A statement from the New South Wales Police said the incident caused a power line to come loose from a utility pole, prompting authorities to close the road to travelers in both directions.

victoria road accident
On West Ryde’s Victoria Road, a collision cut power lines and motorists are advised to avoid the road. (Image source: Dream Times)

Triage is currently underway and the area is cordoned off. In addition, emergency power personnel ensure the safety of the area.

As of Monday evening, all eastbound lanes on Victoria Road had reopened, but all westbound lanes remained closed near Brush Road.

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Victorian road crash: are there casualties?

The bus driver was reportedly injured after being hit by a car shortly after 3pm on Monday. Paramedics treated him for his injuries at the scene. The driver’s name and identity have not been released.

victoria road accident
The bus driver was hit by a car on West Ryde’s Victoria Road and suffered minor injuries. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The safety of the car driver has not yet been announced. No one was injured, however, as the New South Wales Police statement did not mention any.

Traffic Sydney Live said heavy traffic was moving westward through the area. They advise people to allow enough travel time.

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