Tyler Lawrence Death Case: Csean Skerritt,34, Arrested And Charged With Murder

People are demanding more information about the gunshot death of 13-year-old Norwood resident Taylor Lawrence.

At noon on January 29, a crime broke out in the Matapan neighborhood near the intersection of Fremont and Babson streets. Lawrence attended Coakley Secondary School, according to Norwood Public Schools.

Prosecutor Julie Higgins spoke of a video that captured the boy’s final moments. The boy’s family appeared in court, but left before Higgins could begin to explain the incident. Higgins said Lawrence was shot five times, one of which hit his skull.

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On January 29, Tyler, a Norwood resident, was shot multiple times while walking while visiting Mattapan’s grandparents. Police found five shell cases near the boy’s body.

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Taylor Lawrence dies: Sean Skerritt, 34, arrested and charged with murder

At his trial on Friday, Skerritt was charged with murder, third degree professional armed crime, and several crimes involving ammunition and firearms.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden said at a news conference Monday that Sean Skerritt, 34, had been charged with first-degree murder and use of a weapon in connection with the boy’s death.

Skerritt was taken into custody on Sunday and charged with distributing fentanyl in violation of federal law. A news release from the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Office named him as a gang member associated with the Morse Street Gang.

According to Kevin Hayden, there is no relationship between Skerritt and their child. Investigators said Lawrence was the target of a targeted attack rather than an indiscriminate shooting.

Taylor Lawrence dies
Taylor’s great-uncle offered condolences at the site where Taylor was murdered. (Source: Boston Globe)

Hayden said Skerritt will be indicted on new murder and weapons charges “as soon as possible” after he appears in federal court on Monday afternoon.

Skerritt has a long criminal record, including being convicted of assault, assault and weapons charges. Skerritt was also acquitted of all murder-related charges in 2017. He appeared in federal court last week on charges of distributing fentanyl.

The cause of the killing is still under investigation. Taylor’s mother, Remy Lawrence, said in a statement later that day that her family was “relieved and grateful” to see police and prosecutors begin to bring Taylor to justice.

Taylor’s family has also not revealed much about the death of Taylor Lawrence, but they are going through a difficult time and we must offer our condolences and the privacy they crave.

Death of Tyler Lawrence: Cean Skerritt’s Criminal History

Skerritt’s criminal record stretches back more than a decade, and he was convicted twice of assaulting a public team member, first in 2008 at Plymouth District Court and second in Boston City Court in 2011, according to court documents reviewed by The Boston Globe.

That same year, Skerritt pleaded guilty to unauthorized weapons possession in Suffolk High Court and was sentenced to three years in state prison, The Globe reported.

Skerritt was convicted in 2014 of first-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a Suffolk High Court jury for the 2017 shooting of Julien Printemps in Dorchester, the newspaper said.

taylor lawrence killer
The main suspect in Taylor Lawrence’s death is Chayne Skerritt. (Source: WCVB)

A 2015 press statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said the individuals were “associated with hostile groups.”

Skerritt announced earlier this month that he would appear in federal court on suspicion of distributing fentanyl and then face charges in Taylor’s murder.

Unfortunately, as the case remains highly classified, no further information about Xian Skerritt has been found, and at the time of this writing, many details about the case have yet to be officially released.

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