Tom Foley Dateline Murder Update: Found Not Guilty Of Killing His Wife

Tom Foley was found not guilty of killing his wife. Get updates on Tom Foley Dateline of the murder of his wife. 

The Union City School teacher was murdered on February 2, 2009, while taking a shower in her two-story brick home on Girard Road.

Tom, the husband, was initially found guilty of the crime and given a life sentence before the verdict was reversed, and he was later acquitted.

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Foley was found guilty of first-degree murder and given the mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole.

But he was later found not guilty of the murder and was released in 2011.

Tom Foley Dateline Murder Update: Where Is He Now?

Tom Foley dialed 911 in Coldwater in a panic. Tom reports to the Police that he has just discovered his wife.

Dar Foley, 41, was slain in the bathtub of their House. She had been fatally shot.

Tom was quickly named as a suspect in the murder, and he was later found guilty. But in 2011, he has acquitted after a second trial thanks to fresh evidence.

Since then, he has been free, but suspicion has never left him. Foley was found not guilty of killing his wife, Dar, more than 11 years ago.

Tom Foley dateline
Tom Foley was found not guilty of killing his wife. (Source: Internet Archive)

His acquittal at a subsequent trial ended the state’s case against him. Although he cannot be tried again, he knows that some people will not be persuaded of his innocence.

“I simply want everyone to understand that I did not murder her. I mean, I’m aware that I still receive looks. I continue to receive finger-pointing.”

“Even though I moved away from that neighborhood, I can still feel the stares and looks, especially when I return,” Foley says.

Despite this, Foley continues to live and raise Heath, who was just ten years old when his mother was shot and died in their home’s shower.

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He co-wrote a new book to dispel the case’s complexity and remove the lingering suspicion hanging over him.

According to Foley, the book’s goal is to “get the Police engaged, or at the very least get the public opinion involved and encourage them to examine this.”

Former Coldwater Minister Published Foley Murder Book

Andrew Lombardo, a former clergyman in Coldwater, wrote a book about the murder of Dee Dee Foley.

The e-book “The Ultimate Sacrifice: The Murder of a Small Town Wife” was released on Amazon Kindle.

Lombardo arranged the marriage of Tom and Dee Dee Foley. He was a former minister at the First Baptist Church.

He was also Tom’s ball coach, someone he knew from their days together in Coldwater.

Based on all the evidence, Michigan State Police and former prosecutor Terri Norris remained confident that Tom Foley was the shotgun murderer.

Tom Foley murder book
Former Coldwater Minister Published Foley’s Murder Book, “The Ultimate Sacrifice: The Murder of a Small Town Wife.” (Source: The Daily Reporter)

While working in English teaching in China for the past six months, he completed the book after spending years working on it with Tom Foley and others.

It was standard law enforcement practice to blame the spouse for too many crimes. Since the person who is closest to the victim typically commits a murder, it is understandable, Lombardo added.

In this case, he said that the detectives and the prosecutor chose the wrong suspect. “They quickly and firmly formed their opinions but were ultimately disproven.

They succumbed to preconceived beliefs instead of carrying out the task of justice and sentenced an innocent man to life in prison,” he said.

Lombardo alleged there had been a “rush to judgment” and demanded that the state reexamine the case.

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