Theodore Barrett Wife Death: Who Was Janie Barrett? Family And Net Worth

Recently, news of Theodore Barrett’s wife’s death made headlines. The way the White House Deputy Press Secretary announced his wife’s death shocked the nation.

A video of the White House deputy press secretary announcing the death of his spouse has gone viral. He also told viewers and viewers about the car accident that killed his wife.

The video was shared by Onion News site, known for sharing satirical content. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral video and the death of Barrett’s spouse.

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Theodore Barrett’s wife dies: Who is Jenny Barrett?

In 2008, a video of White House Deputy Press Secretary Janie Barrett giving a press conference went viral within hours of her wife’s death. He tried earnestly to discuss the subject, but expressed no grief or regret over his wife’s death.

Asked about the children, the spokesperson curtly replied that they were in the hospital, one in a coma and the other dead. When asked by reporters if he needed help or a confidant, he solemnly replied that he had to stop crying because he had promised to dedicate his time to his country.

Mr. Barrett told me to go back to work because everyone was busy. But when concerned reporters asked him about the circumstances of his spouse’s death, he repeatedly sidestepped the topic and tried to give a curt answer.

Many believe this to be a true story. But it’s fake and just acting. This may seem downright rude, but it was reportedly made by satirical news site The Onion. The person in the video is one of the media company’s actors.

Theodore Barrett's wife dies
One of The Onion’s viral clips – Fake White House Press Secretary Theodore Barrett. (Image source: YouTube)

The Onion is a US-based satirical news website and newspaper featuring humorous articles on local, state and federal news. The publisher was founded in 1988. In 1996, The Onion began publishing online content.

The content of news sites may not be true, but the company’s strategy for creating fake news is not to deceive or manipulate people, but to educate people about its satire brand.

Their purpose is to express the truth with irony. They did the same with Theodore’s video.

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Theodore Barrett Family and Net Worth

As mentioned above, Theodore Barrett’s press conference video is fake. Therefore, Theodore Barrett does not exist in reality. At least the White House Deputy Press Secretary wasn’t by that name.

The deputy press secretary is played by an actor who works for The Onion News Agency. The actor’s real name and identity remain a secret. However, many praised his acting prowess.

Also in 2008, George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States. Similarly, Dana Palino will serve as press secretary and Tony Flatt and Scott Stanzel will serve as deputy press secretaries.

A video shared by The Onion compares the president’s economic strategies. Theodore called a press conference on various topics, but changed the subject to mention the death of his wife and the car accident.

Various online sources compare how politicians ignore important issues. In addition, online netizens also linked it to the president’s economic policies that no one can understand.

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