Tathya Patel Accident Update: 9 Dead And 10 Injured In Jaguar Car Crash

Nine people were killed, and ten were injured in an Ahmedabad road accident. Let’s have a look at Tathya Patel’s accident update. 

Recent accident news in Ahmedabad has drawn massive attention from social media sources. Similarly, the news is shared widely on online sources. 

Nine people have lost their life, and the reports claimed ten others have also been injured in the accident when a speeding car plowed into a crowd gathered at an accident site on a bridge in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city on Thursday. 

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As per the reports, the accident took place at around 1 am at ISKCON bridge on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar highway in the Satellite area of the city when the Jaguar car moving at a very high speed plowed into a crowd gathered there, the police said.

Tathya Patel Accident Update

The Ahmedabad road accident has been the most shared and talked about topic recently as the deadliest accident has taken the life of nine people so far. 

Similalry, the Satellite police station inspector K Y Vyas stated, “At around 1 am, a Thar (SUV) collided with a truck at ISKCON Bridge on SG Highway.

As soon as they were informed about the accident, local traffic police and a Home Guard jawan headed to the spot to manage the traffic and handle the situation. 

Tathya Patel Accident Update
The photo of a damaged vehicle after an accident in Ahmedabad, Thursday, July 20, 2023. which led to the death of at least nine and 13 injured. (Source: Livemint)

The accident caught many people’s attention in a moment, and several bystanders gathered to check what had happened.

Furthermore, five persons lost their life on the spot, while four persons died during treatment,” Vyas said.

 Additionally, the video captured by a person shows that the angry bystanders thrashed the car driver, Tathya Patel, who also has received several injuries and is currently admitted to the hospital. 

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9 Dead And 10 Injured In Jaguar Car Crash

The death count of the Ahmedabad road accident has reached nine, and ten people are reportedly injured.

Regarding the accident, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Neeta Desai, said an FIR had been registered in this connection. 

Similarly, the authorities are doing their best to ensure the victims’ kin get justice. Some sources have also reported that more than ten people were injured; however, just ten have been confirmed. 

On the other hand, the accident doesn’t appear to be a case of drunk driving. However, the primary investigation revealed the speed of the Jaguar car was extremely high.

More details about the accident shall be updated soon since the driver, Patel, is currently admitted to the hospital, so further information on his arrest will also be updated. 

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Where Is Tathya Patel Now?

Tathya Patel was admitted to a private hospital as he also received injuries following the accident at the ISKCON bridge on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar highway.

Tathya Patel now
Tathya Patel arrest details will be updated soon as he is also admitted to the hospital. (Source: Republic World)

So, it can be said that he is receiving treatment in the hospital. An FIR has been registered in this connection, and the police will try their best to get the victims’ kin justice.

Furthermore, Patel will get arrested when he comes to a stable condition. According to the police, they will arrest Patel once doctors give the go-ahead.

So, the concerned department will give more updates about Patel’s news and condition soon.

His news has been making rounds on the internet, and many people are criticizing and demanding the punishment of Patel.

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