Swan Et Neo Parents Prison: Gaëlle Burlot And Gregory Thonet Arrest And Charge

Swan and Neo’s parents, Gaëlle Burlot and Gregory Thonet have been sentenced to five years in prison for fraud, leaving the young YouTubers’ future uncertain.

Swan and Neo are young French YouTubers who have amassed a huge following with their fun and creative videos. Unfortunately, their parents’ recent conviction for fraud has left many fans wondering what will happen to the young stars. 

“Swan and Neo”, a pair of youthful YouTube sensations, have been informed that their parents, who are also “influencers”, have been sentenced to three and a half years in jail for committing fraud as part of an organized group, exploiting vulnerable individuals, and engaging in emotional abuse.

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The conviction of Gaëlle Burlot and Gregory Thonet has cast a shadow over Swan and Neo’s YouTube channel, Inside 360. The young YouTubers have a loyal fan base, and it is hoped that they will be able to continue making videos and entertaining their fans. 

This article will delve into the case details and provide insight into the future of Swan and Neo.

Swan Et Neo Parents Prison: What Happened?

On March 7th, 2023, Gaëlle Burlot and Gregory Thonet, the parents of Swan and Neo, were sentenced to five years for fraud. 

The couple was found guilty of embezzling money from their children’s YouTube channel, Inside 360, and using the funds for personal expenses. The fraud reportedly occurred over several years and amounted to significant money.

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The court also ordered the parents to pay a fine of €50,000 and banned them from managing any Company or association for ten years. The verdict shocked the YouTube community, with many fans expressing disappointment and sadness over the situation.

Gaëlle Burlot And Gregory Thonet Arrest And Charge

The arrest and charge of Swan and Neo’s parents, Gaëlle Burlot and Gregory Thonet, surprised many.

The couple had presented themselves as devoted parents dedicated to their children’s success. However, it soon became clear that there was more to the story.

Swan Neo
This great family business started under the impulse of parents on YouTube. (Source:

The investigation into the couple’s financial activities began in 2021 after the French tax authorities received a tip-off. It was revealed that the parents had been diverting funds from their children’s YouTube channel into their personal bank accounts.

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They had also failed to declare the income from the channel to the tax authorities, resulting in further tax evasion charges. During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence that the parents had used the embezzled funds to purchase luxury items, including a yacht and a sports car. 

What Will Happen to Swan and Neo?

The future of Swan and Neo’s YouTube channel, Inside 360, is uncertain after their parents’ conviction. 

The channel has over 5 million subscribers and is a major source of income for the family. It is unclear whether the channel will continue to operate under the same name or if Swan and Neo will start a new channel with a different name.

Regularly, Sophie Fantasy and her companion have been the subject of criticism. (Source: tvmag)

There are also concerns about the situation’s emotional impact on young YouTubers. Swan and Neo have not publicly commented on their parents’ convictions, and how they cope with the situation is unclear. 

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The court has not provided any information about the custody of the children, but they will likely be placed in the care of another family member.

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