Sophie Russon Missing Case: 20-Years Girl Injured In Cardiff Crash- Parents Anna Cerowicz And Cullen

Sophie Russon missing case: victim’s mother, Anna Cerowicz, said that Police officers weren’t bothered when she reported missing. They even told her to stop calling for updates. So, along with hundreds of volunteers, Anna searched for her daughter.

A group of five friends had been on a night out in Newport when their car crashed, killing three dead and leaving two of them critically injured.

It took 46 hours to find five people in the car crash wreckage. Families and friends of the Cardiff Crash victims questioned authorities handling the case.

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Eve Smith, 21, Rafel Jeanne, 24, and Darcy Ross, 21, died in the accident. Sophie Russon and Shane Loughlin suffered severe injuries and have been receiving treatment at a hospital. Learn more about the Cardiff Crash victim Sophie Russon and her parents.

Sophie Russon Missing Case: Cardiff Crash Victim Parents Anna Cerowicz And Cullen

Sophie Russon is a 20-year-old bank worker. Anna Cerowicz, Sophie Russon’s mother, spent two days looking for her after Police told her not to rind for updates.

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On Monday morning, Sophie Russon and Shane Loughlin were found in a wrecked car besides their three dead friends. They were rushed to the hospital as they were critically injured.

Sophie Russon Missing
(Clockwise from top left) – Sophie Russon, Shane Loughlin, Eve Smith, Darcy Ross, Rafel Jeanne. (Image Source: Independent)

Anna Certowicz, 42, claimed that Police told her to stop calling when she demanded updates on the investigation into the group’s missing after a night out on Friday.

According to Sophie’s mom, “Police appeared to be unconcerned. They were not doing anything, so I had to drive to Cardiff. They just didn’t seem to think it was worth investigating. It was so frustrating.”

Anna explained that the authorities might have thought that Sophie was hungover somewhere. The loving mom said her daughter was a sensible girl who worked in a bank and had not taken a day off for three years.

“She is not someone who is out in Cardiff’s nightclubs frequently. She is more likely to babysit on Friday evenings so other people can go out, “Certowicz continued. Anna was sure that her daughter was in problem as she vanished.

Sophie’s mother was not the only one worried and concerned about her missing. Her little sister, 13, also wondered where she was.

Sophie Russon Is Critical But Stable In A Hospital

As mentioned above, the 20-year-old bank worker was found seriously injured beside three dead and one injured friend in a wrecked car in the Cardiff area.

Sophie Russon Missing
Flowers were laid in tribute close to the accident site. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Sophie Russon is currently fighting for her life in a hospital. Her friend, Shane Loughlin, is also being treated in a hospital.

As reported by the Independent, the Cardiff Crash victim, Sophie, is critical but in stable condition in a hospital. She is undergoing surgery for brain bleeding and fractures to her neck, face, and spine.

A search group found Sophie Russon before Police found her. Many people criticized the authorities.

Over 200 volunteers joined the search for the missing group. A dog walker discovered the wreckage before Police. Only after that did South Wales Police and Gwent Police refer the matter to the Police watchdog.

Tributes Poured In For Cardiff Crash Victims

As the news has gained much media attention, people who knew Eve Smith, Rafel Jeanne, and Darcy Ross have expressed their disbelief and sorrow over social media.

A friend, Alessia Scaccia, said, “RIP Rafel, Darcy and Eve,” while hoping Sophie and Shane had a full and fast recovery. Rea Smith wrote he didn’t have a word. Social media is flooded with tributes.

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