Siobhan Cattigan Illness Before Death: Did Scottish Rugby Player Commit Suicide?

People are curious about Siobhan Katigan’s previous medical record. Stay tuned for more information about Siobhan-Cutigan disease and other personal information.

Rugby legends have paid tribute to the ‘touching’ 26-year-old Scotland women’s international who died unexpectedly in ‘not suspicious circumstances’.

Scottish rugby player Siobhan Cattigan has died at the age of 26.
The rugby player, who capped his home country 19 times in his career, died Friday.

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It now has “professional staff who continue to support Scottish rugby”. The cause of death has not been released, but is believed to be nothing suspicious.

Playing for the Sterling County women’s team is Curtigan. Not only does she represent the University of Stirling, she has also been playing for the team since 2014. She captained the 2016-17 BUCS League Champions.

In college and in Stirling County, Cartigan played for rugby clubs and Scotland national team as a centre-forward before switching to back (usually the sixth or eighth position). Let’s take a look at Siobhan Katigan’s pre-life illnesses.

Siobhan Katigan was ill during her lifetime

The Curtigans allege that their daughter’s death occurred after a period in which they believed there had been a dementia-like development in her personality. They firmly believe that physical harm brings about spiritual change.

Family of rugby player who died at 26 files lawsuit against watchdog group
The family of Stirling County rower Siobhan Cattigan has filed a lawsuit against Scotland Rugby and World Rugby following the sudden death in 2013.

After Siobhan Kartigan’s sudden death last year, her family filed a lawsuit against Rugby MPs. Curtigan died suddenly in November 2021 at the age of 26.

Siobhan-Cutigan disease
Latest information on Siobhan Katigan’s illness and health. (Source: Offside Lane)

According to her family, regulations on brain injuries were poorly enforced and she did not receive proper aftercare to treat her repeated injuries, which led to her deteriorating mental state and ultimately her death.

In the three-and-a-half years before her death, she made 19 caps for Scotland. Her latest lawsuit against World Rugby and Scottish Rugby is backed by her parents, Neil and Marvin Kartigan.

The couple admitted to The Sunday Times that they should have done more to protect their daughter from the risk of head injuries. The forward, who had 19 national team caps, died in November last year.

In an interview published today in The Sunday Times, her parents claimed that Scottish rugby did not adequately address injuries during matches and practice.

Scottish rugby player commits suicide

Details of the Scottish rugby player’s suicide are not yet available.

Rugby legends have paid tribute to Scottish player Siobhan Cattigan, 26, who “inspired” him following his untimely death. Her death is considered an accident.

Scotland Rugby revealed last night that Siobhan, who had 19 caps for his country, died on Friday in what his club Sterling called a “tragic death”.

The exact cause of death is unknown, but Scottish Rugby said it would support those most affected. The rugby star’s death was not reported to the Scottish Police, so it is likely and not suspicious.

Siobhan-Cutigan disease
Siobhan Cattigan played for the Scottish Rugby Union. (Source: Edinburgh Live)

Siobhan is a vocal advocate for female athletes and has consistently denounced sexism in sports on social media.

She revealed how sexist bullying at school forced her to quit the sport. Ms Siobhan claims she was bullied for being the only woman on her school’s rugby team and was branded as “manly”.

Friends and colleagues were “shocked” by the news of his passing last night, with condolences from the rugby world pouring in throughout the day.

World Rugby chairman and former England captain Sir Bill Beaumont said he was “deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Scotland international Theobhan Kartigan”. She is a talented athlete and a role model for many.

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